Africa Odyssey Reviews – 2007

3rd January 2020

F. Garnett, UK. 2007.

Dear Marc and Julian,

Terry and Katrina have emailed to say that they had a fantastic trip and very much enjoyed the whole experience. They loved all of the resorts and thought they were of a great standard, (they didn’t mention anything about Rocktail being too long). The only thing they mentioned that might be worth passing onto Wilderness, was that the guide at Mombo was extremely unfriendly to the children, ignoring them for most of the time. However this was just a small aspect of the trip and they saw the rest of it as a huge success.

Thank you so much for all that both of you did and all the hard work going backwards and forwards, it was a pleasure working with you both.
I’m sure we will speak soon.

N. Tubbs, UK. 2007.

Dear Mark

Very many thanks to you and Julian for organising such an outstanding holiday for us.

As mentioned on the phone, all of the little things that you organised, such as people to meet, greet and organise flight transfers, made a huge difference – and all of your recommendations were exactly as described. Of most importance, however, has been the truly outstanding service and attention both you and Julian have offered to my wife and me – where frankly nothing seems to have been too much trouble.

I have already been asked by 3 different groups of friends as to who had helped us organise this very special holiday and I have unreservedly recommended your good services – and will continue to do so and hope it results in plenty of business for you.

L. Miller Hagerty, UK. 2007.

Dear Marc

Thank you so much for organising a wonderful trip for us to Zanzibar and the Selous this December. We were so impressed with the way you accommodated our last minute changes to privately charter all our internal flights and of course to divert disaster when our international flight was so delayed and we were faced with missing our safari altogether.

We have since decided that next time we will do the safari at the end of the holiday as we would have been too exhausted by the travelling to have enjoyed it at the beginning.

Ras Nungwi was wonderful and the beach really does beat anything Mauritius has to offer. We loved the fact that although luxurious it was also laid back and didn’t insist on jackets at dinner. In fact we didn’t put a pair of shoes on the whole week!

The Selous Impala Camp was definitely the highlight of the trip. We adored everything about the camp – the staff and management were wonderful and we saw all the animals we wanted to including lions. Two nights is not enough and next year we will have at least four…….we are already thinking about our return!

Anyway thank you for being unflappable and making those last minute changes – I think if we wanted to go by elephant you would have been able to arrange it.

L. Barry, USA. 2007.

Dear Marc

My husband and I have just returned from the trip to Tanzania which you booked for us. We would just like to say how pleased wwe were with all the arrangements. Everything worked like clockwork and the choice of hotels was perfect. The only slight disappointment was the Arusha Coffee Lodge, our choice.

The cottage style rooms are excellent and its grounds and situation are wonderful, but it seems to be in need of a bit of care and attention, towels were a bit tatty, service was slow. Maybe it needs more enthusiastic management. However, it was not a serious complaint, it just did not measure up to the excellent service we had at Ras Nungwi, Kiruruma and the Serena Lodges.

The choice of Roy’s Safaris for our trip to Manyara, Serengeti and the Crater was excellent. All the arrangements worked well, we had a comfortable vehicle, a very friendly and knowledgeable guide and when we wanted any extension of pre-planned activities they were happy to oblige.

We will definitely recommend your organisation to any of our friends thinking of visiting Tanzania.

M. White, USA. 2007.

Dear Marc,

You were absolutely FANTASTIC!!!! Everything was amazing, fabulous and beyond our wildest dreams!! The level of service and professionalism was 7-Star!!! Sid loved every minute, and that was my dream!!! The exceptional rooms, cuisine and diversity of animals was the perfect marriage!!! Thank you for organizing every last detail so perfectly!!!!!

I have shared your contact information with others. Thank you, again Marc!!!!!

I may call on you again in the future, if that is ok.

Happy Holidays!!!

P. Feeney, UK. 2007.

Dear Julian,

Just a quick e mail now that we have arrived back to say thankyou for putting together the holiday of our lives. It was truly amazing. everything went perfectly, all the intinerary, not a single hitch. The lodges, the people, the game viewing, the food and Mnemba to finish with! You guys really are good at what you do. We are seriously thinking of taking our daughter ( 17) back to East Africa in February.

If we do and if she wishes to then we will, we will only use you.

Well done to everyone at Tanzania Odyssey and at CC Africa who did you proud.

D. Edderai, UK. 2007.

Dear Nick,

It’s been now a few weeks since the end of our safari in Mwagusi & Sand River last october, and I’ve been quite busy at work since. But Bertrand and I really wanted to let you know that we found your services simply perfect in the preparation and the booking of that trip. We notably appreciated your promptness in email responding.

And once in Tanzania, everything ran smooth, without a glitch, and the program was exactly as scheduled and expected. So thanks for everything!

E. Chester, UK. 2007.

Dear Julian,

We got back about a week and a half ago from the trip to Tanzania. It was great. We really had a good time.

Our favourite was the camp at Serengeti.

Thanks for all of your help.

M. Holt, UK. 2007.

Good Morning Julian

Ref Holiday to Zambia in the names of Martin and Jill Holt.

Now back from a very good holiday,all arrangements went perfectly ref flights, connections and accomodation but would make the following comments.
Chiawa. Excellent.This was certainly the best camp for activities,quality of management,food etc etc.Would recommend this as one of the best safari camps we have been to in Africa.

Kapani.Very good.On arrival advised no room ready for several hours.Then for first night only standard room available with the Lagoon suite then being available for the next 3 nights.Communications from management not the best but the everything else very good,even the tree crashing through the roof of the bar…..

Kapinga.Excellent.Probably the best accomodation and food.We were the only guests staying so very personnel attention but lacked a little atmosphere.
The helicopter transfer to Kapinga was one of the highlights and when advised that the transfer out would be by vehicle to another nearer airstrip we were very dissapointed.This was advised the day before departure as well as being advised that it would not be a direct flight from Kafue to Livingstone but back via Lusaka.After complaining flights were arranged direct Kafue-Livingstone but we still lost the morning game drive and the helicopter transfer.

River Club. Very Very Good.On arrival we were placed in one of their open fronted rooms.In view of our converstaion when booking regarding enclosed facilities we were surprised at this arrangement.After speaking with their management they changed the room to one of the 2 storey enclosed buildings advising that they were not advised of our requirement.The facilities,trips, management all very good.

Lilayi.Dissapointing.Very nice setting but the operation lacked any management, communication,left on our own to find out facilities.Food poor,one mouthful and meal left.This was a dissapointing last night and we were frankly glad to be out of the place.Would suggest that any itineries planned with last night in Lusaka then arrange nearer the airport at the Taj or Intercontinental.

S. Smales, UK. 2007.


Just to say we arrived back from our safari last week and had a great time – thankyou!

David is now a convert and we are considering another trip!

We particularly liked Beho Beho and we are thinking of a Mahale, Ruaha, Selous trip next time with only two nights on the beach at the end. If you have any suggested itineraries please let us know.

N. Sheard, UK. 2007.

A million apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

I came straight back in to horrific16 hour days at work without a second to breathe.

So – We had a completely BRILLIANT time – and can’t thank you enough for the recommendations.

Mwagusi was amazing – so worth the extra money. We couldn’t believe how prolific the wildlife was and had some incredible experiences in our banda including a male lion growling about 5 metres from our heads when were in bed one night and a herd of elephants coming and wallowing right outside our banda. Really up close and personal with the wildlife and wonderful staff, food – everything really.

Manze – we also had a super time. Elephants by the tent every morning and some great lion feeding frenzies. We also got to see the wild dogs which was a real treat. Camp had a very different feel to Mwagusi – much younger, bit less structured – but we felt very well looked after.

Ras Kutani – was a little slice of paradise. The thing we loved was it captured perfectly the relaxed yet attentive attitude you want in that kind of holiday. The suite was a treat and we are already plotting our return there.

One thing I think it might be worth while warning people about is the unpredictability of the internal flights – just so they are prepared We had one jounrey where a couple of extra stops were added on which meant instead of arriving just after lunch we didn’t get to Manze until 5pm ish. We had no food and water had run out and were absolutely starving and vv thirsty. Might just be worthwhile warning people these things can happen (this is Africa darling!) so they can be prepared. I wouldn’t have minded at all if I’d been pre-warned!

I attached just a a few of the 700 odd photos for you. We have some amazing ones. Let me know if you want any more for your website etc – I guess Dan might consent without royalties 😉

Thanks again for your help. We are thinking possibly gorillas in Rwanda next year. Do you go there?

T. Crockett, UK. 2007.

Dear Great One

I have just got back and would like to thank you for organizing the end bits of my holiday for me.

I met others at Ras Kutani, for whom you all had organised holidays, so we slagged you off together over a drink! I loved Ras Kutani and tried not to think of the bill.

All my transfers etc worked and Beyt al Chai was divine. The staff there were very good to me and looked after me well. I intend to go back to Zanzibar for the Film festival if money permits and to stay there again. And I loved Stone Town.

I may have explained that I am getting better from ME and so this was a test to see how I was doing. The safari part was not brilliant for me as my body was just not robust enough yet and I was sick for most of that part of the trip. I found lying down suited me better so the second half of my trip was great.

I may be up for a Safari Lodge where animals go through the Lodge so I do not have to go far.

Thanks to all of you for organising a bitofa holiday for me.

G. Clarke, UK. 2007.

dear Nick and Marc,

we just got back from Tanzania and wanted to let you know how very happy Bambi/miranda and I were with the whole holiday.

All 3 Selous co. places were exceptional so a big thankyou from us for all your help and spot -on suggestions. We have both fallen in love with Jongomero, and our Rus Kutani stay was perfect.
We may have to go back in a year or so.

Big old elephant walking right by our tent in Selous, 4 lions at the end of the day at Jongo got really near and they werent alseep! delightful temporary manager (Ibrahim Khatri) in Rus Kutani, too many others to mention really. Also we loved Stonetown Zanzibar
(Dhow Palace lovely)
I know this wasnt part of your trip but it was a good way to the end the trip and get back to a bit of reality.

thanks again

Joe & April H, UK. 2007.

To Everyone at Tanzania Odyssey,

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for organizing our honeymoon. We had a superb 2wks in Tanzania & Zanzibar & cannot say enough good things about our accomodation. Breezes was incredible – they really made everything so special for us. As for Beho Beho, it was simply heaven on earth. The safari drives & guides were great, food was much too good, and the rooms were spectacular. We literally showered with an elephant our last morning there.

Ras Kutani was the perfect place to unwind and end the trip. We absolutely loved the monkeys that often visited us in our room. Everything was amazing!!!! This was by far the best trip we have ever taken.

You really must offer some sort of diet plan upon returning home though. We ate far too well over there!

Thanks again for everything. You are highly recommend by us!

Highlight definitely was Beho Beho. Everything about the place was incredible. This was our first safari and my only worry now is that we will never find anything we can even compare with Beho Beho. Words really can’t even describe what a great time we had at the camp. If they’d have allowed us to stay forever, we would have! We missed out on rhinos though so have a good excuse to go back. We were fortunate to see 3 lioness (and 6 cubs) lounging after a kill, had a nearly close call with a hippo, and as said before had an elephant right outside our shower the last morning. It was within arms length which was absolutely amazing! We also saw a suni and genet, which I’m told were quite rare to see.

It was by far the best trip either of us have even taken. It was very refreshing to go to a place that was so untouched by humans. My fingers are crossed that I have a good enough picture to win that photo contest!!!

B. Sadler, UK. 2007.

Hello Nick,

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for organising our honeymoon. We had a fantastic time with the highlight being our stay in the Mdonya Old River camp. Also the complicated stopover in Dodoma was worth the inconvenience; our friend organised us a second wedding with everyone from her workplace, orphanage she works at, tribal drummers, food etc.

M. Eannaccone, USA. 2007.

Dear Julian,

Thankyou again for all your patience and help. Our northern circuit and Zanzibar was perfect. They met us at every destination precisely. Our driver/ guide was outstanding . His name was Jabshir. He worked for Ranger Safaris. I already sent them an email about his excellent qualifications. If you have a moment ,maybe you can do the same.

We spoke to other guests from other operators and we definitely experienced more than they did. His driving was slow,careful and pointed out every animal , bird , plant and rock!! We are planning on selous/ruaha in 2009. Can we book in the begiining of 2008? Can you suggest a beach resort after the safari? Can we go to one that has diving? I do not know if you have many clients from the United States, but if you would like to;please use us as a reference .

Stay well-

L. Despax, USA. 2007.


Just to let you know we had a great time in Tanzania. The choice of the Jongomero Camp was a very good one. The Ruaha offers a very different safari experience to the Selous due to the different animals that can be spotted there, mainly the huge herds of Buffalo and the Sable Antelopes… We thoroughly enjoyed the communal atmosphere of the camp as well and mealtimes were an opportunity for some great laughs…

I wouldn’t however recommend the Royal Palm in Dar. Service is very poor. Everything was a hassle, from checking-in to checking out via ordering breakfast and having dinner. The amenities in the room certainly weren’t up to scratch.

Thank you for organising such a fantastic trip again – I don’t think it will be our last safari in Tanzania!!

N. Ansari, UK. 2007.

Hello Julian,

Sorry for the delay in writing… Monica and I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic trip. We absolutely loved both Mwagusi and Beho Beho, and Ras Kutani and Nungwi were also excellent.

Chris Fox at Mwagusi, what a facinating person. I loved hearing of his experiences – he seems to be a local legend. The camp was very nice and the game was excellent.

Beho Beho – beautiful place, couldn’t ask for nicer. The game wasn’t quite as good, but that was no one’s fault of course… Personally I think the combination of these two places is perfect. Beho Beho is a bit more plush, which Monica loved, while Mwagusi is a bit more rustic, a bit more no nonsense safari which I thought was great… Additionally, the guides were excellent – very knowledgable and Patient, and also passionate and protective of the land and the wildlife.

and Ras Nungwi – a beautiful place with unbelievable location – perfect way to finish up.

We may be referring someone to you shortly…

A C. Kelly, USA. 2007.

Hey Julie.

I’m back and still in one piece. The trip was amazing. The Selous Safari Company properties (Selous Safari Camp and Jongomero) were gorgeous; I can’t say enough good things about them. We saw so many amazing animals and birds—lions, elephants, zebra, giraffe… The food was great, the lodging was amazing, and the people were incredible.

We had an amazing time in Zanzibar too. Rus Nungwi was gorgeous and so relaxing. We went snorkeling, took a dhow cruise, had spa treatments–the whole nine yards. We also took a spice plantation tour on the way to Stone Town and got a tour of the old city as well. Beyt al chai, where we stayed in Stone Town, was amazing. All the transfers were perfect. Always someone waiting for us and always got us where we needed to go.

Everything was flawless. It really was a great intro to Tanzania.

L. Andrews, USA. 2007.

Hi Marc,

Just wanted to add to Ed’s email and say thank you as well.

The whole trip was out of this world – beautiful locations, food and people.

Thanks to your generosity and knowledge Ed and I can say we must surely have had one of the best honeymoons anyone could dream of. I only wish I was still there sitting by our dipping pool enjoying a G&T, instead of staring at my computer screen wondering how one country can be so wet and miserable!

I’m sorry I didn’t get to talk to you and Annie very much on the day and do hope that we might all be able to catch up soon.

Thank you.

J. Davies, USA. 2007.


Just a quick note to let you know that we arrived back today from our honeymoon.

Your choice of Vamizi Island was spot on and both Gina and I thought it was amazing and a very special, unique place. The whole trip was perfect with no delays or hiccups and the travelling and connections were seamless. The Island itself was even better than we expected and was exactly what we wanted. We didn’t want a Sandals type resort with pools and 30 honeymooners!

On the Yellow Fever, I consulted the Tropical School of Medicine and they confirmed that if you travel from Uk- Joburg-Pemba you don’t need Yellow fever. This turned out to be correct when we arrived there.

We ended the honeymoon on a safari in Soth Africa (Richard Bransons Ullusaba Private Game Lodge) which was spectacular, not as relaxing as Vamizi!

Both Gina and I would like to thank you for your help in pursuading me to go to Vamizi instead of Quilalea! It was the perfect honeymoon and we will never forget it.

C, Brewer, UK. 2007.

To all at Tanzania Odyssey,

Well we’re back from honeymoon and I have to say it’s rather depressing!!

We had the most amazing time at Selous Safari Camp and Ras Nungwi and I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all. From the start you were so attentive with all our questions and gave real honest answers. It was such a personal level of service and made such a difference that everybody I spoke to had actually visited the camps and hotels I was asking about. Such a difference from Kuoni who we also got a quote from (several hundred pounds more expensive by the way!).

The whole trip ran without a hitch and all the transfers went really smoothly. Julian and Nick – a huge thank you for advising us to go to Ras Nungwi instead of Breezes! We had the most amazing time and we met a few that had come up from Breezes and said whilst lovely it just lacked the personal touch and was far too much like a big European hotel.

We have had the most amazing honeymoon and we would not hesitate to recommend your company to all our friends. Our only one disappointment was the Serena Inn in Stone Town. Whilst they were lovely to us and gave us a huge suite we just felt it wasn’t in keeping with the other two places we stayed. We were a bit overwhelmed to walk into reception to be met with about 50 Australians, all over 60 wearing their name badges for their stay and the food wasn’t really great. We would have perhaps apprecitated a smaller, more intimate hotel similar to Ras Nungwi. However I realise this is down to taste but it may be worth noting for future recommendations.

Other than that it was great. We are going to thank Ras Nungwi and Selous Safari camp too but we just wanted to say a huge thank you to you guys for arranging the best honeymoon we could have hoped for.

D, Mobbs, UK. 2007.

Dear Julian,

We returned last Sunday from the holiday you arranged for us in Tanzania, and we are still re-living the wonderful and awesome experience, and feel that we will continue to do so for quite some time.

We had high expectations of the package you put together for us but the holiday not only lived up to everything, it exceeded it in most respects.

Firstly, the logisitics and arrangements, from the wonderfully organised (but apparentl) chaos of Coastal Aviation to the highly slick and professional approach of the 3 camps, was efficient and comfortable which helped the holiday to run smoothly. we particularly enjoyed the private charter to Saadani (private 4 seater plane) and the lucky(?) upgrade to BA Worldtraveller Plus on the return journey.

Secondly, the three camps, (Saadani, Jongomera and Selous Safari Camp) were all different but in their own way superb. The personal attention we received at each camp was first class, from the moment we arrived, around the camp and on safari.

Eric and Angel were most congenial hosts and their staff were equally so. The cottages were delightful and the river and jeep safari, together with the beach location made an ideal start and taster for what was to come.

We have to say that Jongomera stole our hearts. The absolute wilderness, the remoteness of the camp itself, the ‘hunt’ for the wildlife each day made it awesome. But what made it special for us was a combination of the intimacy of the camp and the so called ‘Jongomera Family’, as that was exactly how the staff , everyone of them came across. They made the stay special. Gregg and Claire were caring and efficient, but not in your face, the waiters and domestic staff were tremendous, what fun to be with, and their attention to detail was so impressive. however it was Priscus, our guide, who stole the show, he was a delightful person and worked so hard to satisfy our requests and demands on safari. The camp itself, the tents, the swimming pool, the dining and reception arrangements were brilliant.

On safari, we were also very lucky, the highlight being 14 lions on one day, including a pride with 4 x 1 month old cubs, having just killed a baby elephant!

On to Selous Safari Camp where we were upgraded to the private camp which delighted us.

In many ways the camp was equally as good as Jongomera and Janey was very helpful and again attention to detail and every attempt to satisfy our every need ran through our stay.

There was a greater variety of scenery and safari options here which complimented Jongomera superbly.

Our highlights here were the flat tyre on the way back from the village after sunset and a broken jack resulting in a rescue mission, which in turn resulted in the sighting(and chase) of two leopards after dark on the way back! If that wasn’t enough, the following day we found a pride of lions which had chased a leopard up a tree in competition for a kill!

At both camps, the variety of mealtime scenarios, candlelit and al fresco, plus the ‘picnic’ meals out on safrari and sunset drinks in unbelievable locations were all way beyond our expectations.

So with sad hearts we left the bush and travelled to Stonetown and Beyt al Chai, not sure whether we really wanted to. However this also proved to be an enjoyable experience, mainly because Beyt al Chai was a special place,(and what wonderful seafood !) and Stonetown we found fascinating.

As experienced world travellers and wildlife holiday enthusiasts, we have to conclude that this holiday was right up at the top of our many experiences (equalled only by our Galapagos holiday) and we can’t praise yourselves enough for organising and providing us with exactly what we wanted. We will obviously recommend you unreservedly to anyone who may be interested. In talking to the acquaintances we met whilst on holiday, it was quite obvious that we had the best provider at the best price!

Thanks again to you and your colleagues who helped to organise this for us.

C. Fraser, USA. 2007.


We got back on Friday from a fanastic holiday which you arranged for us (Amani Beach / Selous Safari / EMC in Ruaha / Ras Nungwi in Zanzibar). It was truly wonderful. We are so grateful to you for your excellent advice on where to stay, which enabled us to get absolutely the most out of our trip.

If you’d be interested in more detailed feedback on the places we stayed, we’d be happy to give it. In the meantime though, thanks again, and we hope to go back to Tanzania with you in the future.
with all good wishes,

H. Loeffler, UK. 2007.

Hi Tom,

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip to Tanzania in July. Everything went very smoothly and we appreciate your putting together this itinerary for us.

It was spectacular, and I think we got lucky with the wildlife experiences in Ruaha. As you may recall, we were booked first at the EMC in Ruaha with Owen and Colleen as our hosts (I saw your name in the guest book, btw.) We had a wonderful time with them, and we were the only guests after the first day of safari, so it was like having a private driver and guide. We didn’t even see another vehicle for 3 days! Lions had killed a giraffe right by the road the night before we arrived, so we got to see it reduced to nothing but bones after 3 days of lions feasting on it.

We then went to Beho Beho for 4 nights, which was the right order to experience the two camps/lodges. It was a fantastic place, as you had told us it would be, with excellent guides and staff and food and accomodation. We met the owner, Charley, as well, who is a most gregarious individual. The hiking safari provided an adrenaline rush for all of us when a young bull elephant was surprised by us as he came around a bush. Other than the discovery of poaching of elephants that occurred right before we left, it was a very enjoyable stay.

Zanzibar was different, and it wouldn’t have mattered where we went after Beho Beho because it would have been a transitional shock either way. Breezes was pleasant enough, fine for diving and snorkeling and relaxing, but too touristy for our taste. I knew it would be like that, so I’m not complaining. We had two full days there, and then one night in Stonetown, which was plenty.

The Amani resort at the start of our trip was excellent. Again, we were the only ones there one night, and only one other family was there the other nights. The staff walked us to a local village about an hour away where we could see how the locals lived. This was not a tourist venue, and it was the only chance we had on this trip to experience native living conditions.

Our last week was in London, which was also enjoyable, as we seemed to have missed almost all of the rain that deluged your country. We stayed one night at the Park Sheraton across from Green Park when the Tour de France was kicking off, and when we returned from Tanzania we stayed at Jurys in South Kensington. Both locations were great. Jurys had the better hotel, even though the room was smaller. London is just too damn expensive for us Yanks right now. If you get the chance to see the play ‘Billy Elliot’, we highly recommend it. It is playing at the Victoria Palace.

Anyway, thanks again Tom for your great service and for recommending the trip that you did, as it met our needs perfectly. If only we could have seen a leopard! My son, Tristan, loved the whole trip, as did my wife and I. I’ve attached a photo of us so you can see the beneficiaries of your expertise.

The Spencer family, UK. 2007.

Many thanks for a superb holiday – unforgettable

thankyou for making us so welcome

please pass on our very best wishes to all the guys

now back at work in rainy England

( still saw no leopards in Selous – we’ll have to come back – Sean( from Beho-Beho ) says he is coming to see you – hope his visit goes well – we thought the two sites complemented each other really well )

thankyou again

A. Luchechko, USA. 2007.

Hi Julian,

I wanted to drop you a note and tell you what an absolutely fantastic trip I had to Mombo and Vumbura Plains. I walked away with 2900 photos and am, by no means, a serious photographer.

Thank you again for all your wonderful suggestions. They really paid off for me. You can be certain this is not my last trip there.

The Hughes Family, UK. 2007.

Hi tanzania!

i just wanted to thank you for a wonderful holiday.we had the best time.

i didnt realise i was so interested in animals and birds but we were truly honoured to see so many creatures in such an unspoilt environment going about their daily lives.

i have to agree with Julian who said that jongomero was special- it really is and to have such luxury and beautiful accommodation in such a remote place was amazing.we were spoilt with the food, the company and everything about the holiday was perfect.

Zanzibar was a surprise- i hadnt appreciated the extent of the poverty . ras nungwi was lovely. three of us had severe stomach upsets here however, but we survived! rob and sam spent a lot of money on the biggest boat for their once in a lifetime game fishing and were disappointed that they didnt catch anything at all! but megan and i had a lovely sunset cruise on the dhow. we also had massages, henna tattooes and hair braiding-my daughter’s dream!

just for info- i mentioned that emirates offer a hotel when flying from glasgow as the plane lands at 12.35am in dubai and leaves at 7am for Dar-however if you have any other customers taking this route-you might advise them that by the time you arrive at the hotel (and as we were really hungry we had a quick sandwich via room service) we only had 2 hours sleep-the hotel wasnt particularly nice either so on the return flight we just stayed in the airport.

we were so impressed with the people at both selous and jongo-what fantastic people.Kim, our guide at jongomero, asked for our email address and we hope to keep in touch.

We didnt see lions,but as the wildlife was so abundant it wasnt too much of an issue!

we also managed THE picture in jongo of us in the pool looking out at the elephants crossing the river bed,then impala,then baboons-how lucky!

anyway, thanks again .we have some fantastic memories

J. Martin, UK. 2007.

Hi Julian

Following our fantastic trip to Tanzania (29 June-15 July ’07), i just wanted to write and thank you so much for helping us plan and arrange such a memorable holiday. From the moment we arrived in Tanzania, we were highly impressed by the level of service and courtesy paid to us by all involved in our stay, from the people managing our transfers, drivers, hotel and camp staff.

We particularly appreciated your advice in putting together a suitable itinerary. We shall highly recommend Tanzania and your company to family and friends alike.

J. Wile, UK. 2007.

Anyway…thanks again it was a wonderful trip and if anyone asks about “how to go to Africa”……Tanzania Odyssey it is!

E. Gozukizil, USA. 2007.

Dear Julian,

Just got back from our trip to Botswana and wanted to drop you a line to thank you for everything. The trip was amazing and everything went perfectly, except that it was too short!

I fell in love with Botswana and Africa and cannot wait to go back. The lodges were all very different and I think that was a good thing. Our favorite was Tubu Tree (one of your choices). I also appreciated your initial suggestion of starting in the bigger more crowded places and going smaller and more remote. Many people were doing it the opposite way and I think this worked better for us.

Again, thank you for everything and I hope that we can be in touch soon to plan another trip.

S. Lamont, USA. 2007.

Hi there Julian and the team 😉

I meant to write earlier however time just flies once you get back from hols

Had the most fantastic, exotic, romantic, supreme time away!!!!!!!!!!

Ras Kutani was the absolute BOMB!!!!

We had the best suite room with the new fancy paint on the plunge pool!!! Was rocking!!

Matembwe was lovely but Ras kicked it’s butt so thanks for pushing the whole issue of the mainland stay!!!!

We were met everywhere on time and loved Stonetown!! The small plane flights were rocking and all in all GOOD TIMES!!!

Great place……….

Next on the list must be Madagascar!!

Anyway many thanks again for all your preparation etc…..

J. Moran, UK. 2007.

Hello Nick & Marc

We are just back a week from our trip to Tanzania / Zanzibar which you helped us plan and realise with success beyond our expectations!! We would just like to say a big “thank you” to Tanzania Odyssey for the the wonderful and seamless way that our holiday of a lifetime came true.From the moment we arrived at Dar on the 11th March to the moment we left on 23rd everything worked like clockwork. Nick, your advice was spot-on re the length of time we needed to get from A to B and the minimum time we needed to get the most out of all the activities on our ambitious itinerary.

The safari was definitely the highlight of the trip and Roy Safaris were fantastic….a truly professional organisation. Our guide, James Chitede was just amazing…..we saw all the animals (Big Five) we hoped to see and more….including a leopard, which apparently is quite rare to see in daylight. We had a cheetah sit on the pop-top roof of our jeep, something James said in ten years of being a guide had never occured to him! We intend writing directly to Roys Safaris to tell them how pleased we were with James as our guide. He was courteous, friendly, had a great sense of humour and always had our safety as a priority.

The baloon flight was teriffic, again, all organised to perfection and by then we were well ready for some R&R in Ras Nungwi…..wonderful 30th Annivarsary candlelit dinner on the beach…how romantic was that?? Beit el Chai in Stone Town was a real experience…they are now doing lunch and dinner and we recommend it highly….some of the best food we had and wonderful service.

Anyway, we are back to reality now but have wonderful memories and over 600 photos to remind us of Africa. You may have more Irish clients when we are finished making all our friends green with envy with stories of our travels! By the way, the definitive answer to the visa query is that citizens of the Irish Republic do not need a visa to enter Tanzania and we only had to pay $5 each to exit!! Also must mention, that the Tanzania / Zanzibar guide book by Annabel Skinner was our “bible” for the trip….highly recommended!

Once again, a big thank you Nick for all your help and patience way back at the planning stage from Jan onwards.

Now that we have been bitten by the “Africa bug”, I am sure you will hear from us again at sometime in the future

J. Sampson, USA. 2007.

Dear Tom,

I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic 10 days Frances and I have just had. Our itinerary was perfect, the lodges truly superb and our wildlife viewing absolutely amazing. We had a super guide, Raphael, who looked after us wonderfully from start to finish, despite such hiccups as our luggage not arriving with us from Nairobi and having to be tracked down on day 3 of our trip (in that regard, as I understand that this is not an uncommon happening it might be advisable to suggest to clients that they pack any real essentials in their hand luggage).

We have definitely repeated the unforgettable experience that my parents had on their trip and would most certainly recommend it ourselves.

Many thanks for all your assistance.

A. Bamforth, UK. 2007.


Very sorry that this reply is so late. We had a fantastic holiday and were ready to hit the ground running when we got back to work to find that a key member of our export team had resigned and so there really has not been a moment to spare with the need to interview and do the job until we have someone new.

Tanzania is a marvellous destination and it was obvious from the first time that we spoke to you that you really knew the country. We were less sure that you would really understand our needs as so many other agents had failed to listen and were more interested in fitting us into one of their standard categories than in putting together an itinerary that suited our desires. Having been there and had such a wonderful time you really did manage to find exactly what we were looking for and we are so glad that we took your advice. We met a few other guests of Tanzaniaodyssey at airfields and they had very different aspirations and itineraries and were enjoying their holidays just as much as we were.

The EMC was the most superb experience. The combination of luxury and isolation in such a remote setting was exactly what we wanted. The camp layout was perfect and the décor beyond expectations. Most evenings, Carlo the owner was our host and it is obvious that he brings his Italian perfection to everything in the camp. For the guest, it was relaxation but we know that such perfection is only achieved by the best management and a willing and interested staff. We really did not want to leave.

The safaris were excellent and seeing leopard almost became the norm. We have experienced many other safaris and therefore we were more interested in viewing the animals in our own time at close range than in ticking off as many species as possible. There was an abundance of wildlife and the riverside walking safari was just something else. The very best memory, however, is of the two hours we spent on our own with our guides watching a herd of elephants bathing in a mud wallow from a small rise so close that we felt as we could reach out and touch them.

The Selous was quite different and was a very good experience with a superb location and attentive staff. They put together a full day safari into the bush close to Beho Beho for us and we saw lion chasing a giraffe. We enjoyed the stay but it did not get our soul like the EMC. IT seemed to be more of a routine where guests were processed through the options.

The Bayte al Chai in Stone Town was the perfect place to be. Again, this was exactly the place for us. Luxurious and homely and perfectly located. We explored stone town every day and really got a feel for the local way of life. Another hotel that we found and viewed was the Zanzibar Palace Hotel run by a Belgian couple and that would also appear to be a very fine set up at the opposite end of town. Whilst we enjoyed Stone town we did not fall in love with it. Some friends of ours who also took a holiday to Kenya and Zanzibar stayed at the Serena (we went in and hated it) they loved the hotel but absolutely hated stonetown!

Thanks for a very good holiday and keep in touch.

D. Greenwood, UK. 2007.

Dear Nick

We returned in extremely good order on Friday evening having had a really magnificent holiday in Tanzania.

I will in due course let you have a more detailed review but we did want you to know that it was a very successful trip in which we saw the big 5 even if the leopard was up a tree 500m away!!

Roy Safaris looked after us extremely well and provided comfortable Landcruisers with excellent drivers/ guides – we were very sorry to bid them farewell as we took off from Serenora.

The accommodation was excellent with just one exception – Serena Ngorongora – which seemed to have a considerable management problem. We will be letting you have a report on this but it was the only blip in an otherwise faultless programme.

It was good to have a few days at Ras Nungwi at the end which enabled us to draw breath after our very full programme. What a terrific spot with a great team.

I will give you a ring in the next few days to catch up.

With many thanks to you from us all

C. Wells, UK. 2007.

Dear Nick

Just wanted to send a mail to thank you so much for the trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar. It was fabulous, even better than we hoped. The connections all worked perfectly an all the lodges / camps were fabulous. The guides great and Ras Nungwi a wonderful place to relax after the safari. Emerson and Green was an amazing to end the trip.

Many thanks again.

Do you arrange or recommend anyone to organise trips in other parts of Africa, eg, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa?

J d’Abo, UK. 2007.

Dear Marc,

We returned home yesterday after a wonderful holiday to Tanzania, and just wanted to thank you for your advice, and for booking all our tickets and transfers so efficiently, and for sending us to Ras Kutani which we simply adored. What a blissful place – delightfully low key and relaxed but with undercurrents of brilliant efficiency, thoughtfulness and excellent food. We were really well looked after. Annabel and Tim, who are there at the moment in the capacity of managers, were both completely charming and helpful. All our flights happened on time and without hitch. Kenya Air was very comfortable and it was heaven to be horizontal during the night flights.

Our nine days at the CCAfrica camps were magic, but the Ngorogoro crater is a disaster at the moment because of the incredible amount of rain….it’s a complete quagmire with vehicles getting stuck all the time, and very hazzardous and frankly terrifying driving conditions. Thankfully we were only there for 2 nights, because one game drive was enough for me, and I stayed at the lodge for the second day. Robin went down at 0830, returning at 1600. Four hours of that time was spent travelling up and down and having picnic lunch. When they found a pride of lion, there was a cavalcade of 25 vehicles around it!!

Anyway, we have fallen in love with Tanzania and I am sure we’ll return there and have a go in the Selous. I’ll be in touch!

B. Agrawai, UK. 2007.

Hi Nick,

We just got back from our trip and just wanted to say a big thank you – we had an amazing time. The trip was seamless as we were met at each point and everything was taken care of. The game viewing was superb – managed to see the Big 5 and we even say a cheetah kill!

A. Kapit, USA. 2007.

Jambo Nick

I just wanted to let you and the TO group know what a wonderful trip we had. It was truly life-changing for all of us on so many levels.

You did a magnificent job of organizing and sorting out all the details and it really resulted in an adventure to always be treasured.

I plan to call you sometime next week – I’m still somewhat jet-lagged and jet-logged, but am slowly coming to my senses. (Not that I really want to). The safari was unbelievable and in case you hadn’t heard, we saw the Big 5. On the last day of the trip on the Serengeti, we went to Seronera at the suggestion of our guide, Gadi Lazier (that’s just a whole fabulous story unto itself) and we saw the elusive Leopard. My heart practically fell out. He, Gadi, and the Roy Safaris company were excellent.

All the connections were made as planned, and actually every accommodation and guide we had seemed to be top-notch. The food was quite tasty as well.

So asante sana rifiki and have a nice weekend. Let’s try to talk next week.

I picked up some lovely CDs of East and South African music.

H. Colvin, UK. 2007.

Hi Marc

Just wanted to thank you for a brilliantly organised trip – everything went incredibly smoothly and we really did have the most fabulous time. I’m so glad we did Zanzibar first as, much as it was great, we just totally loved Ras Kutani and all the people there. It was completely fantastic and we’re gutted to be back!

D. Frazer, UK. 2007.

Hi Nick,

So we are home, and a big thanks to you and the team – we had an absolute ball. Loads of memories, stories for life and photos to back it up.

To be honest we were going completey into the dark, none of us having done anything like it ever before. But how our eyes have been opened.

As a summary:

All the transfers worked perfectly, we were met at every point and shown where to go (apart from at Dar national terminal yesterday, but no probs).

The Coastal service was at first exciting and scarry, and then admired as it somehow always turned up on time, and it was great fun.

We stayed at Beho first – and this was the highlight by a country mile. We really hit it off with all the staff and guides there and they led us to some remarkable sights. We enjoyed the most the walks out with the guides and creeping up on the game, and even saw a kill by wild dogs out on a plain (on foot!). In camp we had some fairly wild partys and games of snooker, so where sad to go. Fantastic food, creative meal times, elephants starring in from the bedroom window, it was really something.

Next stop Jongomero, where it had been raining so much the bush was high and so alot of the tracks were closed. The pace was different with an efficient but a little characteless couple running the show – Claire and Greg. We had the impression of it being part of a chain with rules that we didnt experience in Beho at all. Lovely set up, nice rooms though.

Then Zanzi and Gemma, and this did everything we thaught it would – nice and relaxing, pretty good standard, and with the overbooking of our villa for the first night we managed to persuade them to give us the Presidential Villa with 100 staff and fab private pool. 5 nights enough though.

Overall a first class holiday, and something that we had hoped for but was surpassed. Many thanks.

Happy to act as a reference for you guys, your organisation and recommendation were top notch.

We will be back!!!