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22nd October 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a significant impact on travel, however over the last couple of months travel restrictions have started to be lifted. Travel is now possible in multiple safari destinations and below you will find some reviews from our clients who have travelled during this time.

N.Madhav, 9th – 25th September 2020

I’d give them 10 stars if I could. First off, make sure you ask for Sam, and tell him I sent you. He’s the best. We talked initially for about an hour so he could get an idea of what it was that I wanted to accomplish. Secondly, be clear about what you want.

I wanted to see the wildebeest migration and take iconic photographs of animals. Sam worked with me to get me into camps to create a specifically tailor made experience which was exactly what I wanted. Third, be upfront about what you’re willing to spend, and remember, you get what you pay for. Sam came up with a trip that gave me the ability to focus on the wildlife I wanted to see and not have to focus on the details, since he took care of everything.

I’ve been on several safaris and I have to say that working with Tanzania Odyssey was the best experience and best outcome I’ve had to date. It takes a lot of work to coordinate flight arrivals, transfers and reservations — all of which Sam just handled for me. He walked me through the pros and cons of the various camps and gently nudged me towards camps that were exactly what I wanted. I couldn’t have done this on my own reading TripAdvisor reviews.

I am most appreciative of Sam’s hard work.

R.Horan, 27th September – 3rd October 2020

Hey Sam,

This stay with Asilia was truly amazing. There are not words that could describe how great our stay was. At many times we were the only guests in camp. Not only with their rooms and service top notch, but they really went out of the way to ensure that my dairy allergy was covered. In addition two different camps through surprise birthday parties for Diego. I cannot believe the level of dedication and candor of the staff. This trip would truly go down in history as one of the best.

Thanks again!

P.Collins, 2nd – 9th October 2020

Hi Ted

Trip was just excellent! Amazing viewing with top guiding and super rooms. Namiri Plains is wonderfully appointed.

We had one crossing of circa 5000 wildebeest.  Only 5 trucks instead of 105!! Saw Leopard every day in Sayari.

At Namiri the Cheetah were excellent 5 in total and the Lions were  magnificent 2 prides – one with about 17/18 Cubs – both with 2 males in great condition. Another magnificent pair of males was close looking for food and there is not much there for them so who knows what happened this week  Landscapes were just breathtaking.

Thanks for the great organisation.

R.Bramwell, 2nd – 13th October 2020

Hi George,

We have nothing but positive things to say about the whole holiday! It was absolutely incredible.

Virus-wise, we couldn’t have felt safer from the moment we got picked up from the airport to when we left. A huge chunk of the time, we actually forgot about the dreaded virus as it was all so out in the open air. All the necessary precautions were in place in the lodges, including hand washing stations, hand sanitiser, staff wearing masks, and regular temperate checks. I was quite hoping to be able to buy some of the hand sanitiser from the Lamai shop! as it smelt wonderful and could have sworn it also kept the Tsetse’s away. A couple of the other guests said they would have happily bought the same plus the shampoo and shower gel if it had been sold. Just as a little suggestion!

Aside from that, as sad as it is for the industry at the moment, it felt very special essentially having a ‘private’ holiday. We were the only guests on a number of nights in Kuru and Entamanu, but it made us happy to see that Lamai was a bit busier. As this was my first safari I don’t have anything to compare to but hearing what the guides had to say about how busy the drives can usually be, I felt privileged to have been able to see the wildebeest crossing with so few other vehicles around. It also meant we got saw some other incredible scenes close-up.

ALL the staff we came into contact with were just amazing. It was so nice to see that they genuinely all seem to love their jobs. I wish we were back already! We would happily reside in Tanzania until things settle back down in the UK!! As long as being able to have 2 weeks of quarantine as a possibility/option, we would urge anyone who is thinking about a safari holiday, or wondering whether to go ahead with an already booked trip to GO FOR IT!!!

Just as a side note, the quarantine has been very welcome as it is quite a busy trip, so it has been nice to catch up on some sleep(!).

Many many thanks for organising the dream trip!

C.Kozak, 6th – 15th October 2020

Hi Dave,

We arrived back from Tanzania yesterday morning and I just wanted to email you to say a huge thank you for the trip. I know it was super painful to plan (we started with planning Botswana, pivoted to Zimbabwe, rescheduled Zimbabwe, and ended up in Tanzania with five people, then four people, then three people, then four people and finally five travellers), so thank you for your patience and for organizing everything for us despite the unique external environment.

The trip was absolutely glorious. Our guides (Anael in Tarangire / Crater and Hanafi in the Serengeti) were amazing. The Nomad lodges were great (not absurdly fancy, but still very comfortable and just right for the environment). The hospitality was second to none. It also just felt really special to get away from everything and be in nature. We are still having a hard time believing that everything worked out and that we were able to share this experience as a family.

My parents are already talking about going to Nomad’s Greystoke Mahale for chimps and all of us still want to do both Zimbabwe and Botswana… it doesn’t end!

Big thank you again!

A.Fullemann, 25th October – 12th November 2020

Dear Ted,

We arrived in Switzerland without any problems and have already adapted with the Corona conditions. It was definitely the best decision to fly to Tanzania Mafia island.

Mafia island is really a little hidden paradise, so we`ve been now for the 5th time there. We were very spoiled, the crew is adorable and helpful. The food is excellent. Diving is always a special experience.

Once we went snorkeling we met at least 5 whale sharks.

Thank you for the perfect trip organization as You did always before..

With the warmest regards

K.Rua, 19th – 28th November 2020

Good Morning Sam,

Thank you for checking in!  We are back to reality…playing catch up at work and recovering from jetlag =(.

Our trip was absolutely incredible – almost unbelievable!  All arrangements ran smoothly, our accommodations were amazing (especially Asilia), and we had incredible luck with our game viewing!  We checked off our wish list and then some!  We started with not 1 but 2 rhinos in the crater and were treated to a caracal on the way back to camp.  We got our leopard with cubs and a river crossing with a whopping 7 wildebeest up North.  Namiri Plains — this is where safari dreams come true seriously!  We saw a lioness hunt wildebeest and a jackals hunt a rabbit.  We saw a cheetah and her 4 cubs hunt and kill a baby antelope.  We ate breakfast alongside them (in our car) and then they enjoyed the shade of our vehicle when they were finished.  We watched Momma serval hunt and kill a mouse.  She brought the mouse back to her melanistic kitten who played with it!  Then we drove off and spotted Manja – the Dad who is also melanistic!  A cheetah jumped on the hood of our vehicle, lions, cubs…the list goes on…like is this real life?!?!  I didn’t want to leave!

We will be sure to be in touch when we are ready to go on our next safari!  Thank you so much for helping to plan such a memorable vacation!


M.Wreford, 22nd December 2020 – 5th January 2021

Africa Odyssey arranged a great trip for us to the Western Cape & Kruger, South Africa in December 2020. Due to the rapidly changing travel restrictions half of the trip had to be rearranged on a few days notice, refunds obtained, new safari lodges chosen & flights moved. If ever there was a test of a travel firm this was it and the Africa Odyssey team nailed it – calmly resolving things without fuss so we could enjoy our break. Yes the game viewing Kirkman’s camp was outstanding, certainly touring Stellenbosch from the Delaire Estate was fantastic, but the most memorable part of the trip was how these guys made it all happen safely & smoothly in the middle of a pandemic.

S.Denza, 23rd March – 4th April 2021

Simply put, Africa Odyssey is the best travel agent out there.

We booked our trip a year before we were leaving and between booking and the trip Covid happened. Sam from Africa Odyssey was beyond helpful navigating this experience for us. He worked with the people in South Africa on moving our trip date three times, navigated a bankruptcy proceeding of an airline to get us our money back, and even ensured our Covid tests to make sure we could come back into the country after.

As for the trip itself, it was amazing. We did two different safaris in two different locations. Sam picked two places that specialized in different animals and we were able to see every animal we were hoping to see. The lodges were top notch and some of the nicest places we’ve stayed.

On top of the safaris, we spent some time in Cape Town and in Wine country. Sam helped us with things to do each day there and set up a wine tour and all day Cape Town tour. Both of which were excellent.

If you’re looking for a trip to South Africa, there is no reason to pick a different company. Go with Africa Odyssey!






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