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Elephant Pepper

Set to the north of the Masai Mara National Park, Elephant Pepper benefits from being away from the crowded Western region of the park. This small tented camp retains a lovely character and an authentic feel that is classic safari. Our only issue with this camp is the sheer quality of competition nearby, but with walking and night safari possible Elephant Pepper is a good choice when availability is scarce. 


Elephant Pepper Camp Rates:
$794 per person

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[100% based on 2 reviews]

Elephant Pepper Camp - The Details

Nestled in a quiet spot yet near the heart of the Maasai Mara, Elephant Pepper Camp (EPC) seems to get the best of both worlds. EPC makes for an excellent access point to all the action on the Mara; before long after leaving EPC the visitor can be watching a pride of lions, a family of cheetahs or a sleeping leopard. Being the Mara, there’s a good chance that vehicles from many camps will have had the same idea and will be watching the same animal. However, few vehicles are ever seen from EPC itself, and there is always the option of going for a drive or guided walk without a soul in sight.

At night guests will usually be treated to the sounds of hyenas, lions and jackals. The guest’s tent may also be visited by elephants in the night keen to feed on the camps relatively lush vegetation (which is also worth checking for chameleons). Of course the Ascari (Maasai guard) is always close at hand.

Guests choosing to stay at EPC must be prepared to eat with everyone else in the camp (all guests and the management). The superb food and complementary after-dinner drinks are thus accompanied with lively and inclusive conversation. Indeed the central ‘mess’ for kicking back encourages everyone present to drink and talk together but can be frustrating if the guest is looking specifically to enjoy the safari experience alone.


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