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The Sands at Nomad

A fantastic beach getaway is what is in store for you at The Sands at Nomad, with the Swahili and Italian fusion in it's architecture and fantastic location on Diani Beach amidst a lush coastal rainforest. 


The Sands Rates:
$250 per person

Our rating:

The vibe that The Sands is going for steps away from the traditional big hotel and more towards a personalised "botique" atmosphere, with it's concerntration on space, freedom and relaxation. The beach is really pristine with turqoise waters, and a great width of white sandy beach - a real tropical paradise. 

The Sands at Nomad - The Details

The Sands at Nomad provides uninterrupted access to a sought after beach location, making it's exclusivity a great perk. The seas are abundant in marine life, and the coastal forest boasts some fantastic flora which many different bird and insect species call home.

The hotel itself is comprised of 8 Forest View Rooms, 10 Sea Breeze Rooms, 6 Ocean View Rooms and 7 Beach Cottages. It is scattered across 26 acres of coastline, and sits between the beautiful sandy beach and tropical forest. The main reception and lounge area are warm and inviting, with a great pool and pool bar attractively nestled in the middle. The Bar has fantastic sea views, and is ideal for relaxing with your sundowner drink of choice in the evening. The resturant is set apart from the main lodge for maximised privacy and tranquility, as well as the private Beach Bar which is a great place to refresh yourself with it's selection of snacks, juices, ice cream and fresh cuts from the kitchen. 

The Sands at Nomad - Activities

Enjoy a variety of beach activities in close proximity of the hotel with it's homely spa, watersports centre, Yoga, guided forest walks, tennis and golf, shopping, boat excursions and diving. There is something for everyone! 


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