Best Time To Go To The Kenyan Coast

When you are looking to travel to such a place as Sub-Saharan Africa, the chances are you are not hoping to be rained on, especially when heading for an Indian ocean beach break. African holidays are made up mostly by time in the wilderness on safari and on the beach in a little slice of Indian Ocean paradise. For a beach holiday, it is generally better to travel in the drier months which are, as a rule of thumb, usually in the British Summer Time of end of June – October. All in all if you are looking for brilliant beaches, dry and sunny days then this period is really when you should be looking at going. However, East Africa’s (Kenya and Tanzania) coastline has it’s own rules in a sense, and there is a great window of opportunity for a fantastic beach break over the festive period and into February too…

Kenya’s Indian Ocean beaches are best visited with a fantastic safari in the country’s world famous parks such as the Masai Mara. Generally the best time for a safari and beach extension in Kenya is in the dry season months from July through until October. Although the chart mentions a chance of rain, this is a lot less of a chance than in the two east African rainy seasons of the short November ones and in March April and May. Surprisingly though, the averages actually show February to be the driest time of year – this is an excellent time to go on safari and avoid high, high season rates too so it is a clever time of year to travel. Why not start the year off in style, kicking back on a beautiful Indian Ocean beach on Kenya’s sunny coast whilst enjoying a satisfyingly fantastic value safari? This is the beauty of East Africa’s seasons.
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Max Temp Day in Indian Ocean Mainland


Min Temp Night in Indian Ocean Mainland


Hours of Sunshine in Indian Ocean Mainland


Hours of Daylight in Indian Ocean Mainland


Number Rainy Days in Indian Ocean Mainland


Rainfall in Indian Ocean Mainland


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