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Regarded by safari buffs as a rare gem, Kafue is Africa's third largest National Park, and one of the few whose size can genuinely be compared to that of a small country.  Much of the park remains relatively undiscovered, and it’s easy to get lost in some areas! The game is most impressive arount the Northern Busanga Plains, and it is here that the best camps in the park are to be found. 


The Luangwa Valley and the Lower Zambezi have historically attracted significantly more visitors than Kafue.  Both the Luangwa and the Lower Zam also encourage long stays, meaning Kafue is often left out of itineraries entirely.  However, safari enthusiasts seek out Kafue for exactly this reason - it is rare to see other travellers whilst staying here.
The diversity of habitat in Kafue is exceptional. Huge plains in the north are stacked with game that attracts healthy predator concentrations. Kafue is also reputedly home to the widest range of antelope on the continent, including the rare sitatunga and huge herds of roan and sable.  The bird life here is also superb, to the extent that Kafue is regarded as one of Africa’s finest locations for serious twitchers. 

The south of the park, however, epitomises the real essence of Kafue; days can be spent here without seeing a soul - you could easily get lost for a week. Big rivers run through the remainder of the park offering some of Africa’s finest fishing spots and superb boating trips. And night drives have been known to be as productive for leopard as in the Luangwa!


Kafue National Park: where to stay

Busanga is home to two of the country's finest camps.  Wilderness Safaris’ Shumba, set in one of the best locations in the park, offers exceptional standards of accommodation and service, while the famous Busanga Bushcamp has an authentic charm that epitomises the plains and which takes our vote as office favourite. 


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