Zambia Honeymoon

Zambia is the epitome of safari. With remote and authentic bush camps that have fantastic guides and spectacular game viewing, there isn't a better place for a safari honeymoon. There is also the option to visit the stunning Victoria Falls and take part in the various activities in the surrounding areas.

Zambia Honeymoon

Boardering on numerous African countries, Zambia is located in the Northern part of Southern Africa. It is a destination for the safari purists and thrill seekers alike. Its geography ranges from the thundering and magnificent Victoria Falls to the docile flood plains of the Luangwa River that teems with an abundance of flora and fauna. Although South Luangwa is the main talking point of those wishing to safari in Zambia, other parks such as Kafue and the Lower Zambezi are enchanting and brimming with wildlife.

Why a Zambia Honeymoon?

  • Referred to as the pioneer for walking safaris, Zambia can provide honeymooners with spectacular walking safaris. There is nothing quite as thrilling as encountering game on foot.
  • The location of the camps guarantee seclusion and privacy. Without the hustle and bustle of mass tourism you can be sure to have an intimate and peaceful experience. You could go days without seeing anyone else.
  • It's not just safaris that can be enjoyed. There is a great diversity of landscapes, natural features and activities to enjoy. 
  • For those adrenaline seeking couples, activities such as bungee jumping, white-water rafting and dipping into Devil's Pool provide fantastic and thrilling experiences. 

The best Zambia honeymoon lodges

Honeymoon Destinations in Zambia

A typical honeymoon in Zambia would combine both a safari and Victoria Falls. We would suggest three to four nights in South Luangwa followed by two to three nights in the Lower Zambezi. To end the trip in brilliant style, a couple of nights in Livingstone would be recommended and during that time you would visit Victoria Falls and undertake any daring and adventurous activities that will get the adrenaline pumping.

One consideration to take is that if your honeymoon is directly after your wedding, you will be shattered! We would therefore advise you to start your trip at Victoria Falls and take this time to rest and relax before heading on safari. The reason we recommend this is because safaris entail early mornings and if walking, some tiring activities, and we want you to enjoy this to its full potential.

Our favourite areas in Zambia

Hand Picked Honeymoon Itineraries

When is the best time to take a Honeymoon in Zambia?

The weather in southern Africa is generally pleasant throughout the year – warm to hot days, and cool to warm nights. During Zambia winter months however, from (May to August) when the weather is dry, the nights and early mornings can become really cold, particularly when on safari. If travelling at this time, it is important to pack accordingly – very warm clothing including an anorak/winter jacket, a beanie, scarf and gloves are recommended. Please click here for our packing suggestions list. Generally though, the days are bright and sunny and the nights clear and cool. November to April are the summer months (which is the rainy season) while September and October are very hot and very dry. There are pros and cons for different times of the year for each location so it is best to get in contact and chat with one of the Zambia Experts. For more information on the seasons please click here.

Zambia Honeymoon further details

Between us here in our office we have visited almost every Lodge or Hotel in Zambia that is worth talking about so the best way to book a Zambia Honeymoon is to get in touch and have a chat with us. Email us on [email protected] or call through on 1866 356 4691 or the UK on 020 8704 1216




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Map of Zambia

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