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Pioneer of the safari-and-beach package holiday, Kenya is a little different from the other big game African safari destinations we sell.  It has taken a higher-volume, mass-market approach to tourism, and as a result the average game viewing experience in Kenya is widely regarded in the industry as suboptimal, not for any lack of game, but simply because tourists tend to see many more other tourists than wildlife.


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However, Kenya's game is excellent, and if you know where to look then you can still find some great lodges and some authentic viewing in even the busiest parks.  Beyond the tourist hotspots, there are also some fantastic areas off the beaten track which have a great deal to offer the traveller in search of authentic Africa and which offer an excellent Kenya holiday.  The Matthews Range, the Laikipia Plateau, Lewa, Lake Turkana and and parts of Samburu all have some wonderful lodges away from the crowds which are well worth a visit.
The best advice for getting the most out of your Kenya holiday itinerary is to stay off the beaten track and to keep time in the busiest parks to an absolute minimum.  Mombasa is the hive of package holidays, and we avoid this area completely, including Tsavo which is its nearest safari park.  Amboseli is the second busiest park after the Masai Mara; the only reason to come here would be for the iconic picture of elephants in front of Mount Kilimanjaro, and if you absolutely must get that shot then Tortilis is the only place to stay here!  The Masai Mara is justifiably renowned for its outstanding game, and this inevitably draws the crowds - this is where you need to plan your Kenya itinerary with the utmost care to get the best of the game without the worst of the crowds...
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