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Kenya Safaris

Kenya Safaris

Kenya is unlike the other big game safari destinations due to its high volume, mass market approach to tourism. Home of the safari and beach 'package holiday', Kenya is widely recognised in the industry for poor game viewing simply due to the sheer volume of tourists that seem impossible to avoid. However, there are some great lodges and authentic game viewing in even the busiest parks, and Laikipia, Lewa, the Matthews Range and Samburu are all worthwhile areas off the beaten track. In a nutshell, you have to be very careful when you travel here; much of Kenya is incredibly busy. But design your holiday well, include the best parts of the Masai Mara, and there are holidays to be taken in Kenya that can compete with virtually anywhere.

Five Great Kenya Choices Top 10 Highlights Our Top 5 Parks
1. Rekero
Masai Mara Reserve
2. Borana
Lewa Downs
3. Serian
Greater Mara
4. Naibor
Masai Mara Reserve
5. Governors Camp
Masai Mara Reserve

A brief background to Kenya and its tourism
With a population of approximately 40 million, Kenya is the powerhouse of East and central Africa and one of Africa’s wealthiest countries. The booming tourism industry is backed up by the fact that Nairobi is viewed as the commercial hub of the entire region and the economy has substantial links overseas due to impressive exporting of flowers, coffee and tea. The tourism industry is nevertheless the main source of the economy with the service sector accounting for approximately 65% of GDP.  Show me more >

How to make the most of Kenya and avoid the crowds

The key to a good Kenya experience is to stay off the beaten track and keep time in busy areas to a minimum. The north of the country, specifically Lake Turkana, the Mathews Range, Laikipia, Lewa and areas of Samburu are all top class destinations with few crowds and some good lodges to avoid the crowds. Avoid busy southern areas; Mombasa is the hive of all ‘package’ holidays to the country and its close proximity to Tsavo means that we do not offer any safaris to this park. Amboseli is the second busiest park in terms of tourist volume after the Mara, and certainly you cannot avoid the crowds here. If you must be here, then Tortilis is the best and only camp we recommend; it is a great location for the photos of elephants in front of Kilimanjaro…which we believe is the only reason to be here!  Show me more >

Links and overviews to Kenya's main parks :
Kenya's Masai Mara is without any question one of Africa's most famous parks. Home to a stunning array and exceptional density of big game, the sheer quantity of game that every game drive throws up is outstanding.

The Greater Mara ecosystem is the area that surrounds the Masai Mara National Reserve. In the majority of the Greater Mara, the game viewing here is not as prolific in the Mara itself but the strict rules of the National Reserve are not followed here, allowing guests to walk and night drive.

The most famous region of Laikipia is undoubtedly the Lewa Conservancy, or ‘Lewa’ as it is known. Like much of Laikipia, Lewa was originally a cattle ranch. Today, Lewa is Kenya’s greatest conservation success story.

Located to the North of Nairobi and Mount Kenya, the Laikipia Plateau is regarded as the gateway to Kenya’s remote and wild northern frontier country. Huge cattle ranches and private estates cover the region, many of which are now private wildlife sanctuaries.

Amboseli National Park is one of the most photographed wildlife areas in the world. Huge elephant herds stroll across the plains with the snow capped peak of Kili forming one of the most recognised and iconic shots on the planet.

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