Best places to stay on safari in the Greater Mara

Best Places To Stay On Safari In The Greater Mara

A great mix for safari goers is the Greater Masai Mara, combined with the Mara itself. Here you have the luxury of flexibility and have the opportunity to enjoy nightdrives and walking safaris, whereas in the central Mara this is restricted. However, here the game is not as prolific, so a great trip would be to include both parks so you can enjoy the contrasting perks of each. There are loads of safari camps and lodges in the Greater Mara, below are some of our favourites.

Angama Mara

Angama Mara is the newest edition to the luxury camps and lodges of the world famous Masai Mara.  This amazing owner–run safari lodge is located on the edge of a dramatic escarpment boasting what could easily be the one of the best views in the whole of Africa; the seemingly endless grass plains of the Masai Mara.

Kichwa Tembo

This is the smaller &Beyond property that lies just next to the infamous Bateleur Tented Camp. Where Bateleur is aimed at the very top end of the market, Kichwa is aimed at less of an expensive price bracket. Featuring a good standard of rooms, the camp is located not far from the entrance to the Mara Reserve. This is without doubt one of the best value options in the whole of East Africa, offering the full andBeyond experience at a fraction of the typical cost.

Mara Plains

The Mara Plains Camp is in a great location in the Olare Orok Conservancy, just a short distance from the Mara Reserve and Mara North Conservancy boundaries (no fences), Mara Plains Camp is best placed to explore all three areas. And with just 7 luxury tents is among the finest lodges in the Mara ecosystem, located on the shady Ntiakitiak River overlooking the plains.

Serian Camp

With a refreshing and reliably authentic character, Alex Walker's collection of camps have changed the way safari is considered in Kenya and East Africa. Serian is the flagship property of a group of camps that Alex has slowly developed. Located away from the crowds of the Masai Mara, Serian is best used as a base for a few nights while using his Mara based Nkorombo to go and see the heavy predator concentrations and largest herds.  With private drivers for each tent, the focus is truly on doing what you would like to do.  Definitely a rival to any of the Mara's best camps. 

Serian Ngare

Located just across the Mara River from Serian Original, this opulent and luxurious camp is in a very private and secluded area. The area is in fact Serians concession, and you can't get much more private than that. 

Elephant Pepper

Set to the north of the Masai Mara National Park, Elephant Pepper benefits from being away from the crowded Western region of the park. This small tented camp retains a lovely character and an authentic feel that is classic safari. Our only issue with this camp is the sheer quality of competition nearby, but with walking and night safari possible Elephant Pepper is a good choice when availability is scarce. 

Spekes Camp

Speke’s Camp is situated on the edge of the Maasai Mara Reserve, surrounded by fabulous indigenous trees overhanging the Olare Orok River. Small and very reasonably priced this is a no frills camp that really delivers well and is fantastic value for money.


&Beyond Africa have long been known for their ability to acquire and run the best lodges in East and Southern Africa….and Bateleur is no exception. Set just to the north of the Mara National Reserve, this stunning lodge is a testament to the company’s knowledge and understanding of the Mara and what it offers. A collection of well appointed luxury tented accommodation, the lodge offers the highest standards of both food and service while being just outside the park, the options of being able to have great game but also the freedom to night drive, walk and interact with the local communities.


Cottars is set down to the South East of the Mara away from the crowds of the more popular western Mara region. On the whole the guiding is good from the camp and the experience of riding through the bush in a replica 20s car is novel. The region has good resident prides and, due to its secluded location, has an intimate safari feel. One of the most unique camps in Kenya....but quite a pricey one! 

Kicheche Mara

Kicheche Mara Camp, and its sister camp, the Bush Camp, are both very good examples of what a simple tented safari camp should be. Set in an area that is good for resident game, Kicheche starts to come into its own as the Loita herds move across from the East towards the middle of July. With fantastic game surrounding camp for the following 4 months we find peak season a great time to visit but question the quality of the game viewing at other time of the year. 

Ol Seki

Ol Seki is set in a private concession over to the very east of the Mara…this is both a benefit and a hindrance in all honesty. A stunning camp in its own right, each of the rooms is perched atop a small escarpment and so has fantastic views down to the grassland plain below and the Loita Hills in the distance. This is an absolutely stunning camp….but it is, unfortunately, rather lacking on the game front as this area is not well known for is also rather a lot of money in our opinion.

Richards Camp

Richard and the Roberts’ family have long been synonymous with the Mara…as has Richard’s Camp, formerly Willie’s camp and also formerly the family home. The great thing about the lodge is that it has retained its air of being a family home and so, while not really offering the views of some of the other camps in the Mara, it feels totally comfortable and relaxed. This camp is ideal for a family or group booking, but also superb for a couple. Definitely a top choice!


Saruni is a great little lodge, set up in the hills that overlook the Mara Plains and is the perfect escape from the heat and bustle of the Reserve. Each of the rooms is an eclectic mix of Italian and African styling, each with fantastic views to the plains below. The main benefit of the camp is that it is set all on its own and so, if you need to get away from it all, then the walking and game driving in the area is great….but it is not the in Mara and access to the park is limited, but possible.

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Where to stay in the Greater Mara

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