Best places to stay in Nairobi; hotels in Nairobi

Best Places To Stay In Nairobi; Hotels In Nairobi

Nairobi is a somewhat disorderly city and is a hectic mix of old, new, rich and poor. It can be overwhelming to visit for some, however some thrive in this environemnt of chashes with Masai on mopeds and shantis next to sky skrapers. You must be wary wandering around though, as it has unfortunately become a bit of a hot spot for thievery. 

Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor is a joyous choice of accommodation in Nairobi; it is fun. This gorgeous old manor house has history and an uplifting atmosphere. The excitement of wonderful, long noses pushing through the windows of the breakfast room is shared by guests and staff alike, despite the fact that many of the latter have been here for decades.


Emakoko is a fantastic alternative to the big, souless hotels that Nairobi has in adundance. This intimate, classic safari lodge is situated in Nairobi National Park and you can essentially be on safari within 15 minutes of leaving the airport with the incredible Nairobi skyline as a backdrop. 

House of Waine

There are quite a few hotels that are located in the Karen district of Nairobi and this is certainly the best of them…both from a price point of view but also for the fact that it has a personal feel. Where quite a few of the hotels in and around Nairobi have a faceless rapport with their clientele, the House of Waine can easily be recommended for a couple of nights, used as a basing point to visit the nearby Giraffe Centre or Blixen Museum.


Given the horrendous traffic situation in Nairobi it is often quicker to spend a night in Nairobi National Park rather than a main hotel.  Ololo fits this bill and is roughly the same price as one of the horrid Nairobi hotels, and you get game to boot!

The Palacina

With a proliferation of business and luxury lodges dotted in and around Nairobi, it can be a little tricky to choose the best of them. We have been going out to East Africa for the last 12 years and have, either routing through to the safari lodges or on to the beaches, spent many a night trying them all out….and have found The Palacina to be the best of them! Stunning little hotel with a great restaurant and rooms….at this price it is certainly the pick of the bunch.

Norfolk Hotel

Norfolk House is a good hotel to stay in if you want to be in the centre of town although it can get very booked up should there be a conference in town and suffers slightly from a smallish, overlooked pool.

Macushla House

Similar to its neighbours in the Karen area, this hotel benfits from being closely located near the main attractions such as the Giraffe Centre and the Karen Blixen Museum, which relates the escapades of this famous author. The hotel itself can not boast the luxuries of its main rivals such as the House of Waine, but, at around a hundred dollars less a night, we don’t think it should. All in all, if you are looking for a hotel that has no pretentions and has a unique feel to it, then Macushla certainly won’t disappoint.

Ngong House

Each of the rooms at Ngong House have been beautifully constructed and looked after over the years the house has been open. As with the other hotels in the area, this is a great place to relax for a couple of nights while exploring the sights in and around Nairobi. Great rooms and fantastic service, it does however lack from having no pool.

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