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Nkwali Camp

Nkwali competes with Norman Carr’s Kapani Lodge for title of the best  value camp in the Mfuwe area of the Luangwa. This area is a great introduction to the Luangwa due to the quality of game viewing on offer. However the camp is not an example of the bushcamp style that the valley is famous for. As a result we often book clients into Nkwali before a few days in bush camps. Overall, a great camp but one to be used in conjunction with somewhere else.


Guide price: $645 per person

Our rating:

Nkwali - The Details

Nkwali explores the busiest Mfuwe area of the Luangwa when guests are out on their activities, but this is a wonderfully game rich area. Nkwali is a permanent lodge that is one of the few Luangwa properties to be open year round. It works well used in conjunction with the Robin Pope bush camps.

The chalets are large, cool and spacious, with a great view of the river. The front of the room is open during the day and then closed by a grill doors at night. The ensuite bathroom has double sinks and showers, which are open to the skies during the dry season.

The bar area, right on the edge of the Luangwa banks, is built around a huge ebony tree with fantastic views of the river and across to the park. The open deck is wonderful for moonlit dinners. The dining room is a simple thatched structure, by the lagoon but meals are rarely eaten there - the team mix it up by setting places in various spots around the camp.

Although the camp is outside the national park, Nkwali access the park either by boat (2 minutes) or our nearby pontoon (10 minutes). The main bridge is only 20 minutes away - giving the camp 3 options for entry. Game drives therefore easily cover a large game viewing area from Nkwali and the fact that this central area of the park is accessible all year means the game is very relaxed.


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