Even though Zimbabwe does not have any endemic bird species itself, it is however an incredible place for the avid bird watcher to come with over 700 species having been recorded in Zimbabwe with the Taita Calcon and the Angolan Pitta being the most sort after.

The best birding safaris in Zimbabwe

The Zambezi River is the lifeline of Zimbabwe stretching from Victoria Falls through Kariba and onto Mana Pools also servicing the Lower Zambesi National Park in Zambia.
The majority of the safari parks in Zimbabwe rely on its never-ending supply of water to feed its animals, it also attracts as you would expect a huge variety of water based birds. Along the Zambezi River you have the best chances of seeing rare and incredibly beautiful Pel’s Fishing Owl and if you are really lucky even the small African Jacana.
Mana Pools National Park lays in the north west of the country along the mighty Zambezi River and opposite the Lower Zambezi National park in Zambia is one of the best safari parks in Africa, more known for its walking safaris but with the river it is also a paradise for bird watchers. There is so much to see in this park that a week does not seem long enough. Along the river is the best place for wildlife spotting, here you have huge pods of hippos and crocs relaxing in the water. For the birder, a boating safari is the best way of spotting Mana Pools incredible wildlife.
Often overlooked but a few days on Lake Kariba is an excellent addition to any birding safari in
Zimbabwe. Nestled between Victoria Falls, Hwange and Mana Pools this park offers great game viewing by canoe. The lake is especially good for Tiger fishing during the summer months.
The area around Victoria Falls is especially good for birding with over 400 species of birds in the area annually plus with Hwange National Park having species not found further north. It’s a great combination.


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