Best places to stay on safari in Moremi

Best Places To Stay On Safari In Moremi

The Moremi Game Reserve is referred to as the nucleus of the Okavango Delta. It covers the majority of the Eastern side of the Delta and combines the contrasting permanent water and drier areas. This combination makes for some opposing, yet complimentary landscapes. Within these varying landscapes, the wildlife thrives and the predator concentration of predators is extremely high. Magnificent sightings of lion and leopards are very frequent and often provide adrenaline fuelled viewing. There is nothing quite like spotting the twitch of a spotted tail in amongst the reeds! Wild dogs have also been monitored and researched extensively in the area since 1989, helping scientists to further their knowledge about the behaviour and populations of this enigmatic species. Bird life is also magnificent, with over five-hundred different species recorded, making it a birders paradise.

The reserve prides itself on being low impact upon the environment meaning that vehicle and visitor numbers are kept very low. This certainly makes for a more intimate and personal experience whilst staying at one of the world-class luxury lodges. The animal sightings will also have a limited vehicle number (generally not more than two), unlike the national parks where dozens may be found at any one time. The landscape also allows for both walking and boating safaris which further add to the authenticity and adventure of your safari experience. The canoes you can journey in for the boating safaris are called 'mokoros' and they are dug-out from the trunks of ebony or sausage trees. The canoes are then poled down the many waterways by your guides as you search for hippos and crocodiles. With only the sound of hippos honking and birds chirping, you are entered into a utopia that is hard to mirror in any other region apart from the Delta. The low positioning of the canoe in the water allows for magnificent photographic opportunities from low angles of any animals that drink from the river banks as you glide past.

There are a number of world-class lodges in Moremi and below are some of our favourites.

Little Mombo

Little Mombo is just next door to Mombo main camp and together with its big sister they are quite simply the best camps in Botswana, and certainly some of the best in the world.  Although the price tag is pretty vast, it is worth every penny.  You are never out of sight from game and in most cases, on the open plains, you will see up to 10 different mammals.  The bird life is also overwhelming.  The camp itself is stunning with panoramic views of the floodplains, but to top things off the guiding and in-house service is unrivalled.  Little Mombo can be taken by a group of 6 people on an exclusive basis. 


Widely recognised as the finest safari camp in Africa, Mombo Camp is Botswana’s flagship lodge.  The larger Mombo and smaller Little Mombo are owned by the luxury operator Wilderness Safaris, regarded as one of Africa’s leading lodge owners.  Located in the heart of the Okavango Delta’s Moremi Game Reserve Mombo and Little Mombo are stunning camps situated in one of the continent's finest game viewing regions.  Phenomenal concentrations of Africa’s big game surround both camps making Mombo one of the leading wildlife camps in the world.  To put it simply, Mombo is as good as it gets!

Mombo Trails

*Mombo Trails is now closed

Mombo Trails is a temporary luxury safari camp owned by the luxury operator Wilderness Safaris and is only available for 2017. During 2017 Mombo and Little Mombo will be getting rebuilt giving guests the opportunity for guests to step back to the original grass roots of Mombo. Located in the heart of the Okavango Delta’s Moremi Game Reserve Mombo Trails is a stunning camp situated in one of the continent's finest game viewing regions.


Camp Moremi

The camp is set in a very scenic location, facing some of Moremi’s most scenic views and waterways. Being located in a national park you don’t get the exclusivity of a private concession, but you do get access to one of the worlds last remaining wildernesses, with great value for money.


We like this camp solely because of the location; the game here is very good.  The quality of guiding is also impressive and with a fairly recent, much needed refurb, Chiefs Camp is a great place for safari.  However, the rate of this lodge in the peak season months is pretty high, and overall it does lack in that real safari atmosphere. The view out from the lodge is poor.  In a nutshell Chiefs is the perfect lodge for someone wanting a luxurious, somewhat sanitized safari but it is so finely done we actually find it slightly off putting; a typical Abercrombie and Kent lodge (A&K own Sanctuary) that caters very well for a US focused A&K styled client! However with all that said, Chiefs camp has a cracking price in low season and we actually view it as the best value property in Botswana throughout the low season months!


Xakanaxa Camp is a small and unique little camp located at the edge of the “Mopani Tongue” region of the Moremi NP. Set in a cluster of 3 lodges, including Okuti and Camp Moremi, Xakanaxa ia slightly set away from the other two and is, in our opinion, the best of the three. With a stunning communal lounge and dining area, the rooms, while on the cosy side, are comfortable. The area around is renowned for its game year round and so is well worth a visit.

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Where to stay in Moremi

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