Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana

The Moremi Game Reserve is the thumping heart of the Okavango Delta. Known as the predator capital of Africa, the wildlife viewing here is absolutely exceptional and Moremi is rightly one of the most celebrated wildlife reserves in the world. The game viewing is matched only by the sheer beauty of the landscape; Moremi is for the most part an untouched wilderness. 
Principally comprising two large landmasses, Chief's Island and the Mopane Tongue, Moremi has a dry centre but the remainder of the reserve is classic Okavango:  lily-scattered flood plains and beautiful palm-fringed islands. When the Okavango floods arrive, usually hitting the top of Moremi in May, most of the animals retreat to the dry areas of Chief's or Mopane, increasing the already high wildlife concentrations to mindboggling proportions.

Although called the Moremi Game Reserve, Moremi is actually a National Park and park regulations do not permit night drives or walking safaris. Boating safaris are possible in certain areas, specifically on the fringes of Western Moremi in some of the Okavango’s more beautiful regions. The Xigera is the best of these.

However, it is the north west part of Chief's Island that is most celebrated, with the famous Mombo and Chief’s Camps providing some of Africa’s finest big game viewing. The Mombo Concession is one of the very few places in Africa that has consistently high-quality game viewing throughout the year. 

The area east of Moremi is much more public, but there is still good game here and camps tend to be more affordable than those in the Okavango and the remainder of Moremi.  However easy accessibility from Maun has resulted in high tourist traffic and numerous low-cost camp sites that do little to improve the quality of game viewing on offer.  The more luxurious camps are also located very close together, doing little for the high price they demand. 

Where to stay

The Moremi is most famous for its north east corner, specifically the Mombo Concession, home to Mombo Camp and Little Mombo. These camps are often viewed as the very finest safari camps in the whole of Africa.

Nearby Chiefs Camp, run by Sanctuary Lodges is a slightly less expensive option with good game, whereas Xigera, another Wilderness Safaris camp, is substantially cheaper and offers a classic Okavango experience (although without the predator numbers found at either Chiefs or the Mombo Camps). The Mombo Concession is one of the very few places in Africa that has consistently high quality game viewing throughout the year.

If you are determined to visit Moremi but are understandably untempted by the prices of the Mombo camps and Chief's, then the luxurious camps in Eastern Moremi are a good option. Camp Okuti, Xakanaxa and Camp Moremi are all similarly-priced and offer good standards of accommodation and game viewing, albeit in one of the most crowded areas of Northern Botswana.

When to go

As with the majority of Botswana’s big game areas, the Moremi Game Reserve comes into its peak safari season from the beginning of June, with the very best months being July, August, September, October and the first couple of weeks of November. The resident game in the Mombo Concession is excellent throughout the year. The Xigera area is at its most beautiful from April through to July, but has high enough water levels for mokoro and boat trips at any time of year.


Game drives and mokoro trips are possible in Moremi, but some areas do not have high enough water levels to offer mokoro boating at all times of the year. Night drives and walks are not permitted under National Park regulations. 


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Where to stay in Moremi

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Moremi Game Reserve - Reviews

Little Mombo: The sequence of the camps…from Royal Livingstone to Kwetsani to Little Mombo to Jack’s was perfect!  Note about Jack’s camp:  we were lucky enough to be able to do their surprise sleep out on the pans!  What an experience…I wasn’t sure about Jack’s camp and was worried it wouldn’t be right.  But we’d seen so much wildlife in Mombo, another camp would have been redundant.  Keeping the sleep out a surprise is a good thing…I’m glad we didn’t know.  Don’t tell people…the surprise is worth it.  And, of course, some can’t do it due to sandstorms, etc.  And you were right:  the kids loved the 4X4s and the meerkats.
The surprise birthday party was incredible:  message written w/beans on the bed when we returned from afternoon outing…champagne for us…handwritten birthday cards…animal prints from an artist
Guides were all knowledgeable, friendly, patient w/kids  (Ronald in Kwetsani…but he’s going off to join his brother’s mobile safari business; Mos in Little Mombo…GREAT!!!!  Excellent w/the kids; Chabba in Jack’s…wonderful wonderful.  Funny, knowledgeable.)
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