Zimbabwe is now on the turn for the better, and is a really fantastic option for your special honeymoon. The beautiful thing about this country is you get the privacy and game of Botswana, for quite literally half the price! With game that can rival the rest of the continent, some of the best trained guides in the world, and offers huge diversity in activities - from meandering down the Lower Zambezi River in a canoe, to white water rafting below the iconic Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe has it's arms open to honeymooners, and has every right to claim the title of a leading African honeymoon destination. 
Zimbabwe is a landlocked country situated between two great rivers: the mighty Zambezi cuts along its northern frontier, forming the border with Zambia, while the languid Limpopo forms the southern border. Zimbabwe sits in between, and is home to a variety of habitats, from the granite hills of the Matopos to the majestic mountains, lush forests and beautiful rivers of the Eastern Highlands. As such, there is much to attract the curious honeymooner, from wildlife viewing and adrenaline adventures to the rich history of the Zimbabwean people going back thousands of years.

Why a Zimbabwe Honeymoon?

  • A wide range of remote and pristine wilderness locations where romantic lodges are hidden away in large private concessions. The best of these take great care of honeymooners, with enchanting star lit dinners and surprises hidden around every corner. 
  • Diversity and convenience. I tis home to the unique addition of Lake Kariba, offering honeymooners something very different! It allows you to relax after safari whilst being surrounded by the remote African wilderness. Another main attraction is Victoria Falls where they are building a new International Airport, allowing European carriers to be flown directly in – no faff, just safari and relaxation. 
  • It is also easily combinable with beach-time. For the best beaches, it’s worth mentioning the islands in the Quirimbas archipelago of Northern Mozambique and the Bazaruto Archipelago in Southern Mozambique, which offer a truly 'barefoot luxury' experience with a real frontier feel and amazing untouched reefs.  Mauritius and the islands of the Seychelles are also worth considering, and Mauritius in particular is very good value for money.  All of these beach options are accessible from Johannesburg, and a 'dead night' in a city hotel is often required.
  • The guiding here is unparallelled throughout the rest of Africa. The intimate nature of a honeymoon is really heightened when you are accompanied by an experienced, knowledgable and passionate guide. 
  • It is exceptional value for money. After splashing out on a big wedding, it seems almost silly to then pay for an extortionate safari to say, Botswana, when here you can get an equal experience for half the price. We cannot stress this point enough! 

  • Honeymoon destinations in Zimbabwe

    Among our favourite camps, one stands out - Little Makalolo. Idyllic, magical and romantic, it captivates all that pass through it's doors and really screams honeymoon. The particular atmosphere of this camp is epitomised in the added option of their private star-gazing candle-lit sleep out, where you can enjoy that iconic African soundscape whilst eating dinner overlooking the fantastic canvas of unspoilt wilderness that is Hwange National Park. All this is done in the privacy of your private al-fresco bedroom, and within the safe confides of it's raised platform. Also in Hwange sits the modern Wilderness safari lodge, Linkwasha, which finds a unique balance between stylish contemporary and the serenity of it's surroundings - a true luxurious choice for those seeking to push the boat out on their trip of a lifetime. 

    Ruckomechi is our crowning jewel of Mana Pools. With walking, sunset cruises and it's position in one of Africa's most outstanding game areas, the location alone is enough for us to recommend it. However, do not be fooled - it also has outstanding service and accomodation too. The luxury rooms and the main area with the beautiful swimming pool all have spectacular views and all the creature comforts you may desire after hard day of exceptional game viewing. 

    Bumi Hills is on our top list for a number of reasons. It is in the fantastic area of Lake Kariba, which offers plenty to do for an adventurous honeymoon duo, including some of the best fishing around. The lodge itself sits in a raised position and so has unbelievable views, not to mention the dramatic infinity pool which boasts that same picture. Honeymooners find it particularly enchanting, as seclusion can be found in private lakeside dinners. 

    If you are looking for luxury and an abundance of friendly character, look no further than Pamushana, in the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve. The surrounding areas provide a sanctuary for some of the most interesting flora and fauna on the continent, including the up-side-down baobabs, and black rhino. It is not all about setting here though, as the lodge itself offers true luxury, with amazing views and sits in the best position for enjoying the diverse eco-system the park boasts. 

    Zimbabwe Honeymoon Itinerary planning

    A typical safari here is a combination of game reserves with 3 or 4 nights in Hwange National Park, followed by 3 or 4 nights in Ruckomechi in Mana Pools National Park. This is one of the most iconic safaris you can do, and is widely renowned by the top guides as one of the best in Africa. Although a typical safari itinerary - your experience will be by no means typical - which is why we recommend it so often.

    You will be stunned by the abundance of wildlife, captivated by the aesthetics of the landscapes and entertained by the variety a honeymoon here can offer you. This combination is easily done in any order, plus the extremely tempting addition of staying at the mightly Victoria Falls, (and maybe the iconic and famed Victoria Falls Hotel) as well as being bewitched by the brilliance of Cape Town - both easy additions. The new direct flights from Victoria Falls to Cape Town means this dream honeymoon extravaganza is easier than ever. International flights also arrive into the capital city, Harare, giving you many options to find the best and cheapest routes. 

    How much does a Zimbabwe Honeymoon cost?

    Safari prices start at around $350 per person per night and span right up to $1,100 per person per night. Whilst on safari, the rate generally includes all your game viewing activities, meals and drinks. We would arrange the internal flights to get you to the camp which as a guide cost about $250 per flight per person. 

    When is the best time to take a Honeymoon in Zimbabwe?

    The weather is generally pleasant throughout the year – warm to hot days, and cool to warm nights. During winter months however, from (May to August) when the weather is dry, the nights and early mornings can become really cold, particularly when on safari. If travelling at this time, it is important to pack accordingly – very warm clothing including an anorak/winter jacket, a beanie, scarf and gloves are recommended. Please click here for our packing suggestions list. Generally though, the days are bright and sunny and the nights clear and cool. November to April are the summer months (which is the rainy season) while September and October are very hot and very dry. There are pros and cons for different times of the year for each location so it is best to get in contact and chat with one of our experts. For more information on the seasons please click here.

    Top 5 Honeymoon tips

    The geography, diverse landscapes and habitats mean that a varied and exciting itinerary can be arranged without too many long journeys, and its location allows easy access to other African countries.
    Don’t head off on safari straight after your wedding, you will be shattered! Victoria Falls is a brilliant spot to start your honeymoon, a few days exploring one of the natural wonders of the world will keep you well entertained with a wide range of adrenaline (and non-adrenaline) activities including bungee-jumping!
    This country has some of the best quality safari experiences anywhere, and in terms of value for luxury it is one of the hardest to beat... 
    Don’t try and do too much! Safari is probably the best honeymoon you can do, but it can be quite full on so it is much better to have a shorter (3 night safari) somewhere decent rather than a longer poorer quality safari. 
    Ask us about a camp that offers you a once in a lifetime opportunity of sleeping under the stars!

    Zimbabwe Luxury vs Adventure Honeymoon

    There are many ways to explore this country -  some are certainly more on the rustic, adventurous side of things such as walking safaris in Hwange National Park and Mana Pools, where you are camping under the stars in some of the most pristine wild areas in Africa. For those seeking pure luxury then a safari here includes some of the finest lodges on the continent in some of the most remote locations. Ask us about the Ruckomechi also known as the elephants favourite camp. Whatever your style and budget, Zimbabwe's world class wildlife viewing will keep you satisfied, so it really is down to you! 

    Zimbabwe Honeymoon Vs Botswana Honeymoon

    Zimbabwe and Botswana are both amazing honeymoon friendly destinations as they offer hugely wide-ranging safari areas, as well activities. The key here is also the amazing game they both boast, and the private concessions giving you the ultimate, exclusive honeymoon safari experience. We tend to lean towards Zimbabwe for a honeymoon purely as it is much better value compared with Botswana. You get a very similar experience and in terms of luxury as the camps are right up there with the best of Botswana.

    How to combine a Zimbabwe safari with the Beach.

    Zimbabwe is a landlocked country surrounded by South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique. If you’re looking for a bit of beach time, we would suggest integrating Lake Kariba into an itinerary, as the shores act as a virtual beach, in the middle of the bush! Or alternatively, there are good links to South Africa so it is very easy to connect with the beaches of Mozambique, Mauritius and the Seychelles. As previously suggested, Cape Town is a very easy extension and is home to some incredibly beautiful beaches. 

    Zimbabwe Honeymoon further details

    Between us here in our office we have visited almost every Lodge or Hotel in Zimbabwe that is worth talking about so the best way to book a honeymoon is to get in touch and have a chat with us. Email us on info@africaodyssey.com or call through on 1866 356 4691 or the UK on 020 8704 1216


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