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We are still researching Ethiopia, below is some general information.

Ethiopia is an awe inspiring country of vast landscapes and the ‘Cradle of Humanity’. The fertile and dramatic highlands in Ethiopia are contrasted by the more desolate lowlands to the South West of the country.  
The Simien Mountains National Park and is an area of astounding natural beauty and home to an array of unique animals that can only be found in these parks. The Simians form part of the Ethiopian Highlands. The Highlands are dissected by The Great Rift Valley. The Gelada Monkeys are an example of the extremely rare species in the area, recently highlighted in a BBC documentary about the area. 

In the foothills of the Simien Mountains lies the historic town of Gonder. Fasilida’s Castle is certainly a lavish testament to the era and is one of six castles in the town.

Ethiopia is traditionally a Christian country and in many areas traditional ceremonies have not changed for over a thousand years. The Ethiopian Highlands also contain historic castles and ancient tombs that provide visitors with a rich tapestry of Ethiopia’s colourful history.
Lalibela is renowned for being home to one of the world’s most beautiful collection of churches. King Lalibela, the ruler of the Zangwe dynasty, gathered some of the finest craftsmen of the era to build these incredible architectural feats.

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