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Sarara is the germination of the thoughts and beliefs of Ian Craig and Piers and Hilary Bastard, and is a superb example of how community projects can work in Africa to protect the wildlife. With a small and intimate feel to the camp and, as it is still managed by Piers and Hilary, it is a great spot to get a bit of relaxation, a bit of community interaction with the local Samburu (especially the singing wells), and a bit of game. The only drawback is, as this is in the middle of nowhere, it costs a little more to get to…a small price to pay in our view.


Sarara Rates:
$975 per person

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Sarara - The Details

Sarara has six luxury tents, each positioned to maximise the stunning views of the Mathews Range of mountains and the animal watering hole. Preserving the romance of the tented camp, these tents are spacious and high ceilinged, with plenty of cupboard space, electric lighting and 24 hour hot and cold running water.
There is an outdoor bathroom offering a superb view of the hills from the shower. But there is also an indoor toilet and sink at the back of the tent for midnight visits. Each tent has its own private terrace with table and chairs and morning coffee and tea are brought to you so that you can wake up gazing out over the mountains.
Sarara has established itself as one of the 'hot spots' for quality leopard viewing in Africa and equally, for close-up sightings of the normally extremely shy lesser kudu antelope. The African wild dogs are frequently encountered in the Sarara valley too. Elephant, buffalo, giraffe, gerenuk, impala and warthogs are now regularly seen on our game drives and bush walks and are very much on the increase in numbers.


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