A horse-riding safari is the the most exhilarating way to navigate your way through the African bush. Being on horse back takes you back in time to an old age of safari romance; galloping along side a family of giraffes is an experience which is not easily forgotten.
There are three main safari countries which offer the best horse-riding adventures in Africa;

  • Botswana – The Okavango Delta, Makgadikgadi Pans
  • Kenya – Laikipia, Matthews Range
  • South Africa – Waterberg, private game reserves

  • An important decision to make when choosing the best places for riding safaris is what kind of riding safari experience you are after.

    Best places in Africa horse riding safari – Fly camping

    They can broadly be divided into three types. The first and most intrepid kind is “fly camping”. This is a riding safari where you up-sticks every night and move to a new place to camp out. These are still luxurious, but because of the mobility of your camp there are not big en-suites with flushing loos etc. Fly camping riding safaris are the old school way of navigating the bush, and are for those who love the simple things, adventure and a raw wilderness experience. The best one of this kind if African Horseback Safaris, which is the only fly-camping riding safari

    Best places in Africa for horse riding safari – Semi permanent

    The second type of horse-riding safaris you can do is like fly camping in that you move every day, but this time you stay at permanent lodges. The best company for this style of horse-riding safari is Okavango Horse Safaris. Their three lodges are exceptionally places to offer a riding safari of a lifetime, all in the beautiful and action-packed Okavango Delta. 

    Best places in Africa for horse riding safari – Based at one permanent lodge 

    The most luxurious kind of riding safari you can go on is one where to stay at a permanent lodge and go for daily rides, returning to the comforts of the same lodge. This kind of riding safari is for those who love luxury but also want to go on riding safaris as their main activity. Often, the lodges are very luxurious and the best ones of this type are in Kenya and South Africa such as Ol Donyo and Ant’s Nest.


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