Zambia is the home of the old school classic walking safari experience. Meandering through the unruly African bush on foot, with an excellent guide to show you the way has to be one of the most grounding ways to experience the raw nature of the African wilderness.
For this experience it is essential to have a truly expert guide with you, and this really is where Zambia excels. Along with Zimbabwe, Zambia has the very best guides on the continent who can read the animals, make the experience the most educational it can be and of course navigate your way around the bush as safely as possible.

The best walking safaris in Zambia

The South Luangwa is the most well-known walking safari destination in the country. It is accessible, and home to a few excellent safari companies who offer the best walking safaris Africa have to offer. Norman Carr has three camps in different locations in the park, allowing guests to spend an intrepid week walking from one to the other. They are not luxurious in the way Botswana’s lodges are, but are permanent structures, authentic and offer some excellent rest bite from your long days walking in the bush.

The North Luangwa is less visited than the South Luangwa and offers seriously off the beaten track walking adventure. It is relatively inaccessible, with lengthy and expensive flights, but once you are there you are greeted by complete seclusion in the wild. Stay at Mwaleshi Camp and experience the barebones of what safari is all about; clever yet authentic and basic accommodation, fantastic food, an intimate atmosphere and most importantly one of the most enriching wilderness experiences on the continent with the expert daily guided walks.


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