One of the oldest battles that exist in the Natural World sees the King of the Jungle take on an old adversary. For a single lion it is almost impossible to bring down a buffalo alone, although it has been done! For lions to successfully catch a buffalo, speed, endurance and strength as well as the co-operation of the pride is needed; however hunts are more often than not unsuccessful. Buffaloes are not easy targets, with herds that number in their hundreds and males reaching over one tonne, the task of bringing down Africa's largest bovine often ends in failure and can even lead to death.

Best Places to See Lions versus Buffalo

Lions versus buffalo can occur anywhere where the two giants of the bushveld meet, however there are certain areas in Africa which are notorious for these battles.

  • Tanzania, Ruaha is a wild and untamed park with a very limited water source. As the dry season progresses, thousands of buffalo gather near the Great Ruaha River where they quench their thirst and make the most of the last remaining greenery in the barren landscape. The converging of all these buffalo coupled with Ruaha containing over ten percent of Africa's lions for some of the most dramatic wildlife spectacles in Africa.

  • Botswana is home to some of the best wildlife viewing in the world with stark contrasts as you move through the country. Whilst Savuti is known for its elephant hunting lions, Duba Plains in the Okavango has become renowned for its lion and buffalo interaction. Obviously nothing is certai on safari, but over the years Duba Plains has seen lions and buffalos try to out manoeuvre one another in an epic struggle for life.

  • South Africa: Another area that often sees clashes between two of the fiercest members of the 'Big 5' is the Greater Kruger. With fantastic populations of both buffalo and lions, the Kruger National Park and the private reserves that surround it have witnessed some incredible lions versus buffalo scenes. The Battle of Kruger is one of YouTube's most well-known wildlife videos.

  • Our own YouTube video has also gained enormous popularity with over eleven-million views as it sees a pride of lions trying to out-smart a lone buffalo bull. Make sure you watch lions vs buffalo; Tanzania safari highlights, here.


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