Africa Odyssey Becomes Part of The Tusker Ranger Fund

8th May 2024

At Africa Odyssey, we strive to make a difference in our industry. Whether that’s supporting lodges who sustain community initiatives or help our guests acquire a hands-on conservation experience.We have recently teamed up with the Bushlife Conservancy, a non-profit charitable organisation, who are based in the heart of Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe.

Every quarter Africa Odyssey donates proceedings to Bushlife Conservancy and through our donations we have now become part of Bushlife’s Tusker Ranger fund. Our contributions are in aid of their constant work that is vital to the continued flourishing of Mana Pools.

Africa Odyssey Becomes Part of The Tusker Ranger Fund

Sam with Nick Murray, founder of Bushlife Conservancy in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Bushlife’s overall goal is to ensure that the wildlife in the Zambezi valley can roam freely, without threat of human persecution. This is being achieved through:

  • The enforcement of antipoaching efforts
  • Promoting the conservation of natural resources.
  • Supporting Zimparks Rangers and their families.
  • Funding health, welfare and educational projects for local communities bordering the Park.

Although there is much that Bushlife achieves, arguably the most iconic aspect of Bushlife’s work is the collaring of the bull elephants in Mana Pools. This is a vital strategy to not only monitor the elephants and help prevent human-wildlife conflict, but it also acts as a deterrent for poachers.

The great wok Bushlife is doing shows in one single fact: not a single elephant has been poached in Mana Pools since 2019.

And long may it continue!

If you would like find take a look at what Bushlife does for yourself, please visit