Africa Odyssey Reviews – 2008

3rd January 2020

E Martin, UK. 2008.

Julin and Marc,

Jackie Walter contacted me via email regarding Ndutu – I advised her that Ndutu is NOT TO BE MISSED. In my opinion, Ndutu was the highlight of our game drives so far in Africa- hope that I was helpful to her. I also send her some of our photos from the trip so she could get a real feel for the experience. As you know, my opinion is that everyone should experience Africa at least once during a lifetime – it is heaven on earth!

Regarding Maldives, we stayed at Island Hideaway in the north – FANTASTIC PLACE – true paradise. Great scuba diving with mantas, amazing snorkeling right off the beach as they have a deep channel right off the island, great spa built over the water and gourmet food. The whole enchilada as far as a romantic, relaxing and unforgettable vacation!

Have a wonderful day – and a very Merry Christmas!!


B. Bristow, UK. 2008.

Hi Marc

Re your email below, I didn’t send an email. However, while I am emailing you, please thank your team for organising such an amazing trip to Lake Manze in October. I have travelled for 20 years but had what can only be described as the perfect holiday.

S. Ray, UK. 2008.

Dear Julian,

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for organising a fantastic honeymoon for Ali and me. Without exception everywhere we stayed was amazing with the highlights being Magwusi and Sand Rivers. The staff at both these camps were really first-rate as was the food and the locations were mind-blowing

I managed to pick up some mystery illness which has laid me low for the last week but even that was worth it.

We never imagined that we would see so much wildlife – particularly in Ruaha where we were taken to literally a couple of feet from lions (and even closer to a wounded buffalo on one occasion!)

You managed to nail exactly what we were looking for at every stage. We’ll definitely be back.

Thanks again.

I Tillotson, UK. 2008.

Dear Jamie,

Just a quick note to say that we had the most superb holiday; the Camp at Lake Manze is sublime, the service, guides, food, connections all wonderful. Paulo and Daia seem to have it set up really well there.

Zanzibar was also very lovely and the diving at Ras Nungwi was so professional and well organised I’d thoroughly recommend it. The only negative point was that tours arranged via the hotel through Explore Zanzibar were very expensive compared to local tour agents in the vicinity, who we found offered a comparative if not bettter service at less than half the price. That, however was our only comment in what was a 2 week holiday of awe and wonder and total relaxation, and we appreciate that this was nothing to do with your company.

Thank you so very much for your assistance. We shall definately recommend your services to others.

A. Ludwick, USA. 2008.

Imagine……….we are now home after a totally fabulous trip……………a few comments for our edification:

1.the stop in livingstone was terrific; the river club is marvelous; the falls even in low water makes for a delightful walk

2.the four botswana camps were outstanding……….13 nights is probably one camp too many, but I cant really tell you what I would eliminate because they are each unique…….nevertheless our order would be: mombo, little vumbra, duba plains and zib

3.ellerman house at cape town was simply out of this world….the experience there was nothing less than superb

4.we had arranged a guide through personal references and she was superb, name janice cocks and apparently she does a lot of work for wilderness

5.hermanus was a superb stop for the two nights, but the auberge was somewhat disappointing, to be super critical…….I think there is better, but I would not give up hermanus

6.hog-hollow was indeed exactly the right place near plett………a wonderful quality experience

7.even the night in port eliz. at windermere……..perfect

so julian thanks so much for steering us well

just one more thing, for my records and future planning purposes, please ask someone to send me a breakdown of the amounts I paid indicating, costs for flights, costs for botswana camps each separately, etc……..and thanks in advance for that

H. Diamant, UK. 2008.

Dear Julian

I thought you might like some feed back on our trip to Tanzania.

The first thing I would like to compliment you on is the fact that the entire trip went without a hitch. We were met by a rep from Coastal in Dar and Stone Town and all internal transportation was in place and on time.

The two night stay in the Selous Safari camp was the highlight and we would not hesitate to recommend this location. The staff and accommodation was first class, a very friendly and professional service.

StoneTownwas a bit of a shock but an experience. Too many people hassling to sell you stuff or take you here there and everywhere. The recommendation to hold US$ did not work out as all restaurant bills were in Tanzanian Shillings and when handing over dollars we were stung on the exchange rate but that was not too much of a problem. The Serena Inn was a very nice hotel with friendly helpful staff but one very annoying thing was the fact that paper foldaway maps of the town and island were not given out at reception and had to be purchased for $4 in the shop. These were bog standard maps that carry advertisements of local shops and restaurants. This in our view was penny pinching.

The Ras Nungwi Beach Hotel was excellent. The Ocean Suite was everything I hoped it would be and more. The best suite I have ever stayed in. The food was first class but at times repetitive ( tuna three nights running). Staff struggled at times understanding our orders in the beach bar and main bar but overall they were very friendly and efficient. Chris Goodwin and the entire management team were excellent. Our accommodation was broken into and some property stolen, Chris dealt with the issue immediately and helped us with the police. This was unfortunate but it did not detract from our overall enjoyment.

We were very happy with the entire experience and if we return we will definitely use your company.

R. Schoettger, USA. 2008.

Hi Julian,

I just wanted to send a note to first THANK YOU for arranging such a wonderful trip. The wildfile and camps were sensational, but want made it also so great was that the schedule went flawlessly. Not even a hitch on any flights, connections, transfers between camps, etc. Major congrats to you on that!

Second, I really enjoyed the time with animals and the guides were superb…especially Tafika. For some reason Brian took Tony and I around most of the time and he really located the animals and sites. He even took up a challenge to find a leopard in daylight on the last day we were there….a copy is attached.

I also would like you to give a Hi to Nick as we visited with him at two camps. Of course, he suffered the most during this time playing frizbie soccer with the locals in camp! They asked me to join, but it was sooo hot and I am tooooo old!

Again…thanks for everything and I do look forward to working with you in the future!

J. Sinauer, USA. 2008.

Hi Julian…

VERY BELATEDLY….a huge thanks for everything you did for the trip! I am now totally hooked which is both a bad and good thing I guess! In any event, all the requests you made on our behalf were very much appreciated – we consistently got great views at each camp (were front and center to the water hole at Ongava Tented – pretty great) etc., etc., ETC.!!

Please stay in touch as I will on this end. Thanks for tolerating my zillions of questions and e-mails and for all the help!!

Cheers and best…

K. Moon, UK. 2008.

Hi Nick

Well, what can I say? Thank-you so much for arranging our trip, we have had the most amazing time, everything exceeded our expectations and we wouldn’t have altered anything.

We had fabulous rooms at all places and I am sure that is all down to you, and as for our anniversary surprises – wow! I have never felt so spoilt.

Selous and Mwagusi are each unique and it made our trip so enjoyable to be at two such different camps, both superb but both so incredibly different.

We saw and learned so much and after our walking trips are now both experts on poo – I’m sure it will all be useful for pub quizzes!

Please feel free to pass on my e-mail address to any customers who are making up their minds about their own trips, I will be glad to chat to them.

Once more, thanks a million for making our trip of a lifetime just that (the only trouble is we both want to return……..)

B. Goldsworth, UK. 2008.

My wife and I have just returned from Mdonya, Stone Town, Ras Nuwingi and Ras Kutani all superbly organised by Tanzania Odyssey. We gave the company our budget and a rough idea what we wanted to do. It was tailor made and every step of the way was a dream. We are unable to think of anything which could be improved upon from an organisational point. Before we finalised things a couple of e-mails and phone calls to tweak the arrangements were made. We have travelled extensively with companies large and small and this surely is as good as it gets.

K. Fisk, USA. 2008.

Hi Nick,

We arrived back from honeymoon on Sunday night and we just wanted to say thanks for recommending the places that we stayed in. They were all brilliant and we had a superb honeymoon. Pongwe beach was a real find, just like you’d said, the food was great and the beach first class. We really enjoyed Lake Manze, saw loads of animals and the tents were great. Showering under the stars with elephants walking past is definitely something we’ll remember! Finally Ras Kutani was just a little slice of heaven. Definitely a good call on this one, again food amazing and just so relaxing, great accommodation, location etc….

Everyone made us feel so welcome and all the flights ran like clockwork so no issues at all.

Thanks once again and we’ll definitely recommend you guys to any friends wishing to explore the area. We’re still tempted with Rwanda and Mozambique so may be back in touch in the next year or so.

J. Hartles, UK. 2008.

Ras Kutani

Everything – especially the safari – once I had got use to flying in the small planes. Loved the way you arrive at Ras Kutani The Tanzanian people were lovely and of course great organisation by yourself and coastal.

Attached some photographs to bore you.

We have travelled widely with Audley Travel and you certainly didn’t let us down.

Many Thank regards

M. Al-Natour, USA. 2008.

Hello Julian,

First, we want to thank you for making a memorable trip truly exceptional.

Although, the trip did not start on a good foot the first day, the rest went perfectly like clock work. Thanks to you. The Tanzanian Air flight from Dar Es salaam to Arusha was delayed three and half hours, which got us into Arusha Coffee Lodge about 2:45 AM. I would suggest in the future to book the Precision Air Flight which was on time. Even if the international flight is delayed, there is another Precision Air flight later on.

Regardless, the next day was a completely different story. The Coffee Lodge was nice and the hospitality was great even at the 3:00AM check in.

Our driver Daniel was outstanding as guide, was a book of knowledge and always accommodating. His admiration of our kids made him even more pleasant to have.

Tarangire was great as we saw the three cats in our first day: lions hunting, three cheetahs crossed right in front of our vehicle, and a leopard in a far away tree. The Treetops were truly amazing and the people were extremely nice. Everything included in the price, even all drinks and laundry, made it even nicer.

If we were to change another thing in the itinerary, it would be to skip Lake Manyara along with the Serena Lodge there. The rooms were shabby and the people inhospitable. I had to fight with them to bring another fan since the one we had made a terrible noise. Eventually, they gave me the managerʼs fan. Having to pay for drinks and even bottled water and juice made things worst, especially when they charged us corking fees for opening our own bottle of wine at dinner.

Ngorongoro Serena Lodge was nice and more pleasant. The head waiter canceled the corking fee when we complained. They were definitely more accommodating there. We still had to pay for bottled water and juice though. The Ngorongoro crater was amazing as we saw five lions feasting on a kill close by and many hyenas from close up . The male lion sprayed the vehicle in front of us, which gave everyone a laugh.

On our drive from Ngorongoro to Manyara airport, we asked our driver, Daniel to find and stop at school away from all the tourist stops. We had some small tokens and gifts for the kids. That in itself was an unbelievable experience. Seeing all these smiling school faces despite their extreme poverty made you appreciate all your blessings. Upon leaving, we could see huge smiles in their faces as they waved with their gifts in hand.

Flying to the Serengeti was the best thing that we did, as there was another couple who drove the trip and it took them 11 hours. They looked really beat, even the next morning. Lemala camp was ok but the guide/driver there was useless. I guess our standards were high because of our first driver Daniel.

Switching to Sayari camp was the best thing we did. Barbara and Jo who run the Sayari camp were nice and extremely accommodating. That made the stay so peaceful. Also, the facilities were everything that you wanted. Definitely, everyone chose the Sayari much over Lemala.

Now, the high point of our trip was our last day at Sayari, where we patiently awaited the migration of the wildebeest. Our patience paid off, as we were the only vehicle to see the migration. That was the most amazing scene that you can ever experience. We saw hundreds of them stampede and eventually cross the Mara River. No Nile crocs to feed on them though, as I think they were still full and basking in the sun from the wildebeest crossing and feast, just before our arrival to the Serengeti.

As you see, our trip was beyond our wildest expectations for everyone, and we want to thank you for making it so perfect.

J. Hartles, UK. 2008.


Just to say thanks for organising a fanastic holiday, we really did enjoy our stay in Tanzania. Coastal Travel looked after us very well even though our names were not on the list at the airport when we first flew into Dar.

We were not charged any fees at airports although your infomation stated that $8 would be charged.

Don’t think we could have improved our itinerary very much but with hindsight a couple of days at one of the Selous camps would have been good. Still Thanks once again for you organisation, it was superb.

We will certainly recomend Tanzania Odyssey.

Sorry to have been put off Ras Nungwi by Trip Adviser but it was a damming report. Brian has posted some reports on the site for all the places we stayed.

V. Houston, USA. 2008.

Hi Julian,

We are now back having had the most amazing time, all of the places were incredible and just what we had imagined. Thanks so much for organising it. The only place we weren’t mad about was Mwagusi after Selous it couldn’t quite compare and the communal meals weren’t great…although we may have had a slightly ropey bunch of people! We had elephants outside our room there though which was fun!

Thanks so much for all your help.

V. Furber. UK. 2008.

Dear Julian,

I wanted to thank you for organising our holiday to Tanzania and Zanzibar so well. We had a wonderful time and loved everything, especially the Selous Camp and the people there, so it was a perfect choice for us. It all worked brilliantly and hopefully one day we can go back, so thank you again.

B. Headicar, USA. 2008.

Thanks Julian.

I don’t think we could possible pick a highlight as there were just so many. You will be pleased to hear that Sarah has already recommended T.

Odyssey to a number of her friends and if any of my friends are considering a trip to Southern Africa I will send them your way!

C. Clarke, USA. 2008.

Hi Julian

Sorry to be really slow in writing this email. Just wanted to thank you for putting together a really memorable trip – we had a fantastic time, and felt thoroughly spoilt with the private plane trips etc. Ruaha was fantastic and we loved the campfire at Mdonya – a really good start to the trip. The other camps were also brilliant (timing Selous safari camp in the middle to get the washing done was very thoughtful). Mafia Island was really lovely and Kinasi exceeded expectations on all counts (after being worried by the trip advisor comments). Audi was really helpful with the diving and it felt like we were part of a friendly houseparty. Throughout, Nick’s single accommodation was a full size tent / bungalow and the service everywhere was outstanding.

Thanks again

We saving up…..

S Miffling, UK. 2008.

To all you lot at TZO

Myself (Selena) and my new hubby would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU for your help with the honeymoon. It was amazing and seamless and memorable for all the right reasons. The whole experience was incredible, the Selous Safari was awesome, the Lake Manze Camp was amazing, the hospitality was second to none and the knowledge of all the guides / staff was fantastic! and as for Zanzibar, Pongwe was out of this world. A little bit of paridise with exceptional food and service and ocean views to die for.

You guys came up trumps and without your help and advice I doubt the trip would have been half as good as it was. We heard some horror stories about other tour operators etc. We are now planning to go back there in a few years time and have recommended you guys to everyone we have spoken to!

Once again thank you for all your help.

E. Martin, USA. 2008.

Julian & Marc,

How can I list the highlights – there are too many to type!!!

Leopard sighting at Shinde!!! It was Tessa and myself as Scott and Grant were fishing that afternoon! Wow – Alberto – our guide- was just fantastic! We had a glass of wine and snack as we were 4 feet from the leopard stalking a springbuck! While we did not see a kill – our Africa experiences have all been too incredible to describe! Highlights- Bungee Jumping at Victoria Falls, Lion Walk, Elephant Safari with 16 month old elephant – Cheesy- he was just the cutest creature! Micro Lights at Vic Falls were also wonderful –

WHITE SHARK Dive – WOOOOOOOOOOOOW – Shark Diving Unlimited was just great – we really enjoyed every second of our experience! I was the first person in the cage when they gave the green light and I was the last one out when they were afraid I was freeze to death! It was all that I had hoped for and more!!! The only piece of advice – bring your own mask. Scott and I had this conversation just last night at dinner – we were re-living the trip and decided that it would have been perfect to have our own mask as their masks were a bit tired and leaked a bit. Encourage your clients to book the entire boat – wow – what a difference!! We were out and set up at shark alley a full hour before everyone else and we were the only boat to have sharks around that day !!! What a great operation – and I loved the snake at the office!!! We just cannot say enough good things about Shark Diving Unlimited!!! I would not consider booking with anyone else!!! I will try to upload the video to You Tube – if I can figure out
the procedure and I will send you a link – it is wonderful advertisement for them and you!!

The paragliding in Cape Town was fun but I’m not sure it is a must do. The penguins of course were great – I even touched one!!!! Cape Point was an incredible sight to see – wow it is hard to imagine making your way around the point in an old wooden ship with no weather forecast! I don’t think that Scott will ever forgive me that we rented a car in Cape Town – Wow that is challenging driving !!!! He got a manual shift and since the steering wheel and the shift were on opposite sides of the car – and by the way he had not driven a stick shift in 25 years!!! Oh well, it is definitely a big memory!!!

We came home with a few (ha ha) pictures and I will copy you in on snapfish. Feel free to use Scott’s pictures of Shinde as he really got some incredible photos of the resort! What a beautiful camp!!! I LOVE the chandelier in the dining hall!!!

Thanks again for another just AMAZING TRIP OF A LIFETIME!!!!


N. Short, UK. 2008.


Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful holiday for us. This is the second time Tanzania Odyssey has arranged a dream holiday and we loved it.

Sadly we only got to 5,500 m before I got altitude sickness on Kilimanjaro, but we consider it a summit. It was an amazing experience the whole climb and we both would love to give it another go sometime. The crew that Roy Safaris organised to support us on the climb were excellent, especially the guide (John). The whole crew were so encouraging and looked after us very well. Also the tent provided for us and the guide was in very good condition (we heard of some nightmares, including poor quality sleeping bags for rent – we took our own). The only tent that needed some love and attention was the meal/porters tent and we did provide that feedback to Roy Safaris.

A small bit of feedback, given we arrived Sunday the office for Roy Safaris was closed and so we had our pre-climb briefing the morning of the climb, I would suggest including that information in the itinerary – maybe it is just me as I was so nervous, but I was a little surprised when we arrived to find out it was the next day and I think if you are renting gear as well it is probably good to know.

The Moivaro Coffee Plantation is an excellent choice for the beginning and end of the climb, not least at the end you can lay all your smelly gear out on the lawn to air it……

The Crater was spectacular, and you were absolutely right in only suggesting effectively a day and a half there – in our opinion that is sufficient to see all there is to see in the crater. Also after my skeptism the drive from Arusha to the Crater was also a great experience. Sadly we were not too happy with Serena Lodge – the rooms and the overall layout and location of the hotel are great, but the restaurant caters really to large tour groups and so not ideal for 2 people – may just be something worth mentioning to prospective clients in case they want to make a different choice. The picnic lunches on the other hand were great. Once again Roy Safaris came through with an excellent and knowledgeable guide (Richard) and we thoroughly enjoyed traveling to and through the crater with him.

Last but not least the Serengeti Plains, we are not sure there are adjectives to describe how much we enjoyed the plains. The Nomad Tented Safari was amazing and they could not have looked after us any better. Felix (our guide) was also a great guide and we had a lot of fun with him and he showed us some amazing sights.

So once again thank you for organising such am amazing trip for us.

We were also very excited to see that you have a team for Botswana, Zambia and Namibia – next trips are definitely going to be easy to plan.

N. Farquhar, USA. 2008.

Just a wee note to say we had an absolutely brilliant time in Tanzania in July. The tented camp at lake manze is amazing – the staff are soo friendly and everything is so laid back and informal. The standard of accommodation was far higher than we anticipated having read other reviews. In terms of wildlife we saw pretty much everything except leopards.

The river lodge at Rhuaha was really nice, although I think we were spoiled first at lake manze. We really enjoyed the different scenery at Rhuaha – it felt more wild than lake manze – unsure why, perhaps because we had to look harder to see the animals.

Ras nungwi was fantastic and a perfect end to our honeymoon.

Kilimanjaro was amazing – Roy’s safaris did a tremendous job. We had James as our guide and truely felt that we had the best guide on the hill. Both of us summitted (Christina somewhat in a healthier condition than myself!!). One serious suggestion I would like to make is regarding spare outdoor gear for the porters. Our international flights allowed 25kg whilst our internal flights allowed 15kg. As we packed light for the internal flights, this meant that we had considerable spare luggage allowance on the international leg of our trip. Had I known the lack of decent footwear and clothing available for the porters, I would have happily packed an old pair of boots, jacket and fleece for donation to the locals. For others who plan a similar trip to ourselves (southern safari and kilimanjaro) I would like to request that you enclose a small note or request/recommendation asking them to use any spare luggage allowance to pack some hiking boots – you can pick second hand ones up on ebay for a lot less than a fiver
Think what a difference this would make to a porters life. I feel we have a duty to do something………..

Many thanks.

P. Engel, UK. 2008.

Hi Marc,

we are back from Tanzania and I wanted to give you a little feed-back.

Your organization of our trip was excellent.

Thank you very much indeed and we are happy to recommend “tanzaniaodyssey” to our friends who might plan a trip to Tanzania as well. We liked Selous Safari Camp the most and were very lucky to see a lot of animals there.

In Ras Nungwi Hotel there was the question for the full board basis booking, but obviously that was solved between you and the hotel management!?

One thing might be added as an information only to your customers: when people travel to Chumbe Island they should prepare the luggage in such a way that it can be carried easily when there is low tide, because you have to wade some way through the water on both sides and trousers do get wet.

Thanks a lot once again and all the best for you and the team.

C. Cunha, UK. 2008.

Hi Julian

Just a quick email to say Thanks for arranging a superb Honeymoon! It was absolutely brilliant, and we enjoyed every minute, shame we had to come back!

some feedback in case you need:

Costal Aviation were superb and no problems with being met or transferred anywhere throughout the holiday.

Palm hotel at Dar Es Salaam, wasn’t anything special, and pretty expensive for what it was (pretty dated) – but only there to sleep so fine.

Jongomero Camp was amazing to start with, beautiful tents and great personalised service from the staff and management there. Was also relaxing as not many people in Ruaha driving around. Food was very good here as were the sundowners on the game drives. – perfect for a honeymoon couple! (our pick of all the places we stayed)

Lake Manze wasn’t quite a camp for honeymooners, as no electric in the tents had to eat dinner with 20 other Italians every night on a big table, but was fine and the game viewing was very good, and management very nice and accommodated my request to have dinner just the two of us one night at our tent! Food wasn’t anything special though and no choice as all inclusive. Have to say wasn’t quite as relaxing as Jongomero, and lots more jeeps everywhere jostling for position to see lions etc in Selous compared to Ruaha.

Zanzibar Palace Hotel , nice hotel with great staff and management who provided personalised service and looked after us very well. Good location for heart of Stone town, though 2 nights there would prob have sufficed to see everything instead of the 3.

Ras Nungwi was perfect end to holiday, Good chalet rooms very near beach, excellent service and facilities as well as good food , Very relaxing place and the Dhow Cruise and Snorkel trip was prob the highlight.

we even managed to get upgraded by Emirates on way back which was good way to end.

So thanks again, pretty much spot on to what we wanted.

D. Mitchell, UK. 2008.

Hi Nick

I just wanted to echo Rosie’s comments and say what a fantastic job you did organising our honeymoon. Everything went like clockwork and everywhere you recommended was absolutely superb and spot on. It was a trip of a lifetime and one which we will never forget and always cherish the memories of. The perfect start to married life.

With regards to highlights, it’s hard to pick any one thing in particular as it was all so good. The suite at Ras Kutani was amazing, the safari was exciting, beautiful and fascinating (and so much luxury for somewhere so remote) and Pongwe beach is the best I’ve ever seen.

Once again, many, many thanks to you and all the team at Tanzania Odyssey

J. Presley, USA. 2008.

Hi Julian,

Thank you for organizing a fantastic trip for us. Everything was perfect! We particularly loved the remoteness and true safari experience of Botswana and the Wilderness camps (not to mention the luxurious treatment at Vumbura Plains!) It was also great to end the trip at Sabi Sabi and slowly re-acclimate ourselves to civilization.

When we started thinking about this holiday, we thought the trip would be a “once in a lifetime” adventure. Not so – we’re already talking about going back in 4 years and bringing my brother and sister-in-law! We will be contacting you and I promise to give you more than a week to arrange the trip next time!

Julian, once again, thank you for putting together the perfect trip, especially on such short notice. Please pass our thanks on to your Managing Director, as well.

Rosie and Doug, UK. 2008.

We had such an amazing time and wanted to say thanks for organising us the perfect honeymoon. We will definitely be recommending you to anyone we know who is planning to go to Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Thanks again.

N. McKenzie, USA. 2008.

Hi Julian,

We just wanted to write and thank you, and others involved at Tanzania Odyssey, for organizing such a fantastic trip. We really did have the most amazing time.

We were looked after exceptionally well in all the camps and hotels, with every transfer running very smoothly. We didn’t need to think about anything, apart from enjoying our trip!

Now it’s time to go through our 1000’s of photographs!

Davide & Juljana, UK. 2008.

Hi Julian,

We are back from our honeymoon and wanted to give you a quick feedback on the trip: EXCELLENT!

We really enjoyed it and I am very grateful to you for the suggestions.

Both Lake Manze and Ruaha were exceptional, and indeed two very different environments. We had great game drives, some nice bush walks and all together it was a sensational experience. Accommodation was good, all in all very very good.

Funny enough on the June edition of Africa Geographic the safari in South Tanzania was very much praised in comparison with the north, so thanks again for the tip.

Quilalea was as expected, great place, great service (although a bit more food would have been better! their portion are very light). Even the strong tides were manageable, from our villa we could access the sea straight away and even with low tide it was just a few meters to the deep waters. A very relaxing stay, a couple of days more would have been more than welcome!

The last positive surprise was the Oyster Bay hotel: from the setting to the furniture to the food to the kind hospitality it was a pleasant surprise, the best way to finish a wonderful holiday!

All connections worked fine, no trouble at all.

Thanks again for the great job.

B. V. Duke, USA. 2008.

Dear Julian,

I have just gone through a computer/e-mail melt down and just hope it all works out! I have written my ‘thank-you’ e-mails to Selous Private Camp, Jongomero and Echo Beach and copied them to you so I just hope they all arrive.

There is little I can add to the contents of those e-mails other than to say a very great big THANK YOU for your services in facilitating what was a truly memorable holiday. Everything worked out perfectly and the only minor hiccup was when we were not met by ‘Monarch’ on our arrival at Zanzibar. Our mobile would not work but a local gentleman lent us his so we could telephone the number given on your contact list and they eventually turned up after about another half hour! Everything else worked out perfectly and we appreciated our ‘Shepherds’ at each transfer.

The two camps were impeccable in every respect and whilst Echo Beach might have had some problems, the sheer joy of the location made up for any failings. I have attached an assortment of the many photos I took there but if you want any further info I am happy to oblige.

As I hope I made clear in my e-mails, your requests regarding my need for minimal walking distances were met in all locations and I am very, very grateful to you for ensuring that and for all your service in arranging a very memorable holiday,

L. Leibowitz, USA. 2008.

Dear Julian

The trip was wonderful and perfect!! The camps were amazing , the guides were great, the flights on time and the pilots good!

It was more then we ever anticipated and were so very pleased with the trip you set up for us, Thank you, thank you!

If you would like any more details please let me know and I would be glad to share more info.

Our oldest daughter is spending a semester of school in London next winter and we would love to meet and have a pint

take care and thank you again for everything

D. Perros, USA. 2008.

Hello Julian,

I wanted to report back to you how very much we enjoyed our trip. We wouldnt have changed a single thing. It was just the right amount of time in each camp and the transfers all went off without a hitch. Mombo was the most extraordinary place we have ever visited-it exceeded all expectations. It is difficult to find superlatives to do it justice. I know Usa Sono has already contacted you about the glitch we had about being together with the Thomsons but we were relentlessly adamant that we would not take no for an answer and a solution was found. I am glad for that because it simply would not have been the same trip had we been separated and seeing as we had made these arrangements over 12 months in advance, there really was no excuse beyond simple-minded bureaucratic rigidity. In any event, all’s well that ends well.

I also wanted to point out that the renovations at Cape Grace are superb and they were kind enough to upgrade us to a penthouse suite which was divine. I feel reconfirmed in my notion that it would be the better choice for us as we all walked a good deal around the waterfront.

Thank you for all your help and good advice. We are thinking about a trip to Namibia (only) and would very much appreciate your input. I think we can give it about 10-12 days. Any thoughts?

Mike & Helen, UK. 2008.


A note to let you know all DAR, Zanzibar and Selous arrangements went well. Small hitch when no tickets to Selous at DAR airport, but we were on the manifest and no one seemed too concerned about the lack of a printed ticket.

Limited power in Zanzibar added to the overall character of Africa and didn’t impinge upon the experience at all.

Lake Manze definately the highlight and the camp clean, friendly and with an abundance of wildlife of all sizes and shapes.

Congratulations on a well run operation and many thanks.

J. Clarke, UK. 2008.


Matemwe was great……the retreat is really excellent with the butler, plunge pool, terrace etc- you really do not have to do anything if you don’t want to! Apparently we were unusual in that most guests stay only a few days rather than 2 weeks in a villa. We did a bit of diving, though Carol got a cold half way through so that curtailed what we could do as she couldn’t equalise. Depending on the time of month (and tides therefore) the diving can involve a lengthy 1.75 hrs road transfer (via dive centre) to a beach north of Matemwe before you get to a boat which is a bit of a turn off, though every 10 days or so the is swaps to a boat transfer from Matemwe bungalows, but we caught the road transfer time!

Anyway we both thoroughly enjoyed it and thanks to you all for the recommendation as we may not have found it otherwise.

Only downside I can say is that there is a lot of development (hotels etc) all down the east coast and some virtually in Matemwe village so in the future it may feel a bit more hemmed in.

W. Guillo, USA. 2008.

Hi Marc,

Magda and I have just returned from our 2 week holidays and just wanted to say thank you to you and the team at Tanzania Odyssey. We had a great time and loved Tanzania. And everybody at each hotel was well aware that it was our honeymoon, which I think triggered some specific attentions, such as fruit baskets, wine bottle, and each time a room with a great view. So I suspect you might be for something behind this. Thanks again for that : Magda and I really appreciated it.

We will send you a few pictures once we have finished our selection among the 1800 pictures we took !!

P. Morgan, UK. 2008.


Sarah & I just wanted to thank you and the team over there for your efforts in arranging our honeymoon. It was a simply wonderful holiday, the game viewing was spectacular, accommodation superb and all of the arrangements throughout were immaculate. The balance of the itinerary that you developed worked out perfectly and contributed enormously to our enjoyment. It’s very difficult to pick a highlight but memories of the Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Mahale will remain with us both for a very long time.

Tanzaniais a truly amazing country and we are both delighted that we chose it as a destination. We have been equally delighted with the service that we have received from you and would absolutely recommend Tanzania Odyssey to anybody interested in visiting.

Thanks again

J. Marshall, UK. 2008.

I am writing to let you know that we had an excellent holiday in Tanzania. The arrangements were flawless and our guides (Thomas from Roys Safaris and Ernest from Nomads) were extremely knowledgeable and great company and made a big contribution to our enjoyment. One comment re Breezes in Zanzibar: the food was very disappointing but, having said that, everyone was charming.

We now find ourselves thinking about another safari and were wondering about Botswana which I understand you also cover. Could you put a few thoughts together about how we might do that including a few days relaxing at the end, perhaps at Victoria Falls, or elsewhere. We would be aiming to do this around the same time as our Tanzanian trip ie depart 27 Dec and return say 12-14 days later.

J. Stanbridge, USA. 2008.

Tim and I wanted to say a huge thank you for organising such a wonderful honeymoon for us. We had an amazing time and everything went perfectly. We were met when you said, where you said and all the local representatives were highly professional. Our local guide for the safari, was very knowlegeable and highly experienced in dealing with the (often very muddy!) terrain.

All our hotels were of an extremely high standard and we would like to thank you for recommending the Pongwe Beach Hotel – it was absolutely perfect and just what we were looking for to end our holiday. Due to the size it felt very personal, the setting beautiful and the food excellent.

Thanks once again. We will be sure to recommend you to friends who visit Tanzania & Zanzibar in the future.