Singita’s Black Rhino Translocation

20th August 2021

Singita’s Black Rhino Translocation

As a travel operator specialising in Luxury African Travel, we feel it is our responsibility to work with suppliers who not only provide excellent service and hospitality for our guests, but they also contribute towards the preservation of Africa’s natural landscapes and the magnificent creatures that inhabit these areas. Be it the tiny termite or the huge elephant, every part of a wild eco-system is vital to the delicate balance of nature.

Singita are one such company who epitomise not only the highest level of standards for guests, but their contributions to the natural world have seen iconic species like the black rhino thrive. With lodges across Africa, Singita ensure their lodges directly contribute to the conservation of iconic species be it Kwitonda in the Volcanoes National Park or Lebombo in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Singitas Black Rhino Translocation

Safari with Singita. © Singita

Their recently released video takes us behind the scenes of a black rhino translocation which sees these critically endangered animals transferred from Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve to Gonarezhou (Zimbabwe’s second largest National Park). From the initial selection process to the transportation and then the reintroduction to their new home, this ten-minute video outlines the incredible achievement that The Malilangwe Trust & Gonarezhou Conservation Trust have accomplished, not only by creating a new viable population of black rhino, but creating one strong enough that individuals can be translocated to re-establish a new population in the National Park.

All you need to do is log into Vimeo for free to watch.

Malilangwe, established in 1994, is now home to an incredible black rhino population, and guests can stay here at Singita’s ultra-luxurious Pamushana Lodge. With revenue going towards conservation initiates like the black rhino translocations as well as community work in the local area, guests directly contribute towards these by staying here.

Both black and white rhino can be seen in the reserve, and you can be sure that any time spent here is a magical experience.