When to go to The Bazaruto Archipelago

Best Time To Go To Mozambique; When To Go To The Bazaruto Archipelago

When you are looking to travel to such a place as Sub-Saharan Africa, the chances are you are not hoping to be rained on, especially if you are heading for the beautiful beaches off the coast of Mozambique. For an African beach holiday, it is generally better to travel in the drier months which are, as a rule of thumb, usually in the British Summer Time from the end of June – October. Afterall, no matter how keen on diving or underwater activities you are, it is always nice to be able to relax and soak up the vitamin D when you are not out exploring the Indian Ocean. Also, when you are in Africa it is always an idea to combine a trip to the beach with a short safari, and this is also at it’s best in the dry season from June – October.

The Bazaruto Archipelago is off the south of the Mozambique coast and as it has quite a long coast line, is quite a bit further from the equator than The Quirimbas Archipelago, therefore the year-round temperatures are slightly chillier. They are still late 20’s and into the 30’s generally so it is still a very nice Indian Ocean temperature.  The chance of rain is still there even in the dry season months, though you would be pretty unfortunate to be rained on from July to October. It is not really advisable to travel to the Bazaruto Archipelago in the rainy season – we don’t like being on the beach in the rain, and even if you are very keen diver, you won’t be able to do it in January February and March. It is possible to dive there in November and December, though visibility will be better in the dry season. So all in all – go to the beach in the classic Southern Africa dry season months between ideally June – end of October.
NumberNRainyNDays Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max Temp Day Time (°C) 313131292826252627282930
Min Temp Night Time (°C) 242323201715151618202223
Hours of Sunshine Hrs 989988899998
Hours of Daylight Hrs 131312121111111112131313
Number Rainy Days 101210777653467
Rainfall (mm) 175169944841292025133764156

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