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Botswana is an ultimate safari destination. It is expensive, but fantastic; with private reserves, superb accommodation, immense concentrations of game and some of Africa's finest wildlife areas.
Following the rains, massive herds migrate from the Okavango Delta and Chobe River to the deserts of the Kalahari and the lunar landscape of the Makgadikgadi Pans. This forms one of the largest animal migrations in the world. It is stunning, but safaris here are top end; these fabulous safaris and camps come with Africa’s highest price tag.
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A brief background to Botswana and its tourism
Botswana's diamonds have made it one of Africa's wealthiest countries. The wealth filters down to a 1.6 million population centred around the main towns, especially the capital, Gabarone. Tourism is currently one of the top three revenue sources, primarily due to the glory of the Okavango, Chobe National Park and the Kalahari - three of Africa's most famous wildlife destinations.  Show me more >

Botswana’s private reserves
Botswana is famous for its private reserves. Vast tracts of land are leased to high end safari operators who have built some of the continent's most luxurious and eco-sensitive camps. Only people staying in these camps are permitted in the reserve, and so days are often spent without seeing another person – nowhere else in Africa can you consistently guarantee such exclusivity.  Show me more >

Outside the Private Reserves
 There are areas of Botswana which still offer superb safari, but without the cost of the private reserves. The Chobe National Park as well as areas of the Okavango and Moremi are all open to the public, along with the Makgadikgadi and the Kalahari; safari in these areas can still be affordable.

Is it possible to do Botswana well without the high cost?

 Botswana’s high prices scare many people from even considering it as an option; safari here is seriously expensive. In our view the likes of Wilderness Safaris, &Beyond, Sanctuary lodges (A&K), and Kwando Safaris are some of Africa’s finest safari operators but their luxurious private reserves have the majority of the best game viewing areas.  Show me more >

When to go to Botswana

The beginning of the year is Botswana's green season. The rains can fall heavily and although the birding is never better, it is not a good time of year to visit the country if you are looking for big game. There are a few exceptions to the rule with the Kalahari and Makgadikgadi attracting large herds due to the fresh grazing and Chobe always having high concentrations of game, but the countries big game areas (Okavango, Linyanti, Selinda etc) do not guarantee good viewing. There is some superb value to be had at this time of year.  Show me more >

Below are links and overviews to Botswana's main parks :
The Okavango is one of Africa’s most impressive wildlife areas. As famous as Tanzania's Serengeti or Kenya's Masai Mara, the Okavango is the world's only inland delta and is an area of exceptional natural beauty.

Africa's best park for elephants and a great option for a short safari, Botswana's Chobe National Park offers great game viewing at any time of the year - this is a park brimming with Africa's big wild animals.

The Makgadikgadi Pans is a dramatic, desolate lunar expanse where you can literally see the curvature of the earth. Made up from miles of shimmering white salt, the Makgadikgadi Pans evoke a sense of complete wilderness in an area seemingly untouched by humankind.
The Selinda Reserve is one of Africa’s top wildlife reserves. Part of the Great Plains Conservation project, the Selinda Reserve has some of the most luxurious accommodation in Africa.
Kwando Safaris Kwando Reserve is synonymous with high quality, serious safari. Predators are prolific and the standard of guiding here is exceptional. A magical private reserve.
Linyanti is one of Africa's finest game viewing areas and is a prime example of high-end exclusive safari. The quality of camps here is outstanding - to the extent that these are some of the the continent's best lodges - this is a seriously good area for safari. 

The Moremi Game Reserve is at the heart of the Okavango Delta and covers an area of untouched wilderness including approximately twenty percent of the Okavango Delta itself. The game viewing in Moremi is arguably the very best in Africa.

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