With a world-wide reputation of being the King of the Beasts, it is no wonder that lions are one of the most sought after animals to see on safari. If you ask a first-time safari goer what they want to see, 99% of them will probably say lions. One of the world's largest felines is extremely adaptable and is found in a huge variety of landscapes, from the hostile Skeleton Coast in Namibia all to way to the lush plains of the Serengeti. Apart from a small pocked in India, the good news is that lions can be found pretty much in all safari destinations in Africa.

The Best Places to See Lions

Although lions are found in most safari destinations in Africa, there are a few places that we would certainly recommend visiting if you're hoping for some spectacular sightings of these big cats.

  • Tanzania, Ruaha: Tanzania's largest National Park. With huge buffalo and antelope numbers, there is plenty of prey for the lions to feed on. With the only major water source being the Great Ruaha River, all prey becomes concentrated in this area making it easy pickings. Ruaha has around 10% of Africa's lion population so it's no wonder why wildlife film-makers flock to this untamed and wild national park to film the everyday lives of these felines.

  • Botswana, The Okavango Delta: In stark contrast to the dryness or Ruaha, the Okavango Delta is also one of our favourite places for viewing lions. Although it is common knowledge that lions generally hate water, in the Delta they have had to overcome their fears. Sightings of lions wading through waters that are shoulder height are frequent and is a necessity for these cats. In some cases they have been caught swimming through the different channels in search of prey and new territories, it's a sight definitely not to be missed!

  • Lion Facts

    Lions are one of the very few sociable cat species. Living in prides or coalitions that range from three to over thirty, the family group is the most important thing in a lion's life. Even in the boiling mid-day heat they will rest against and on top of one another.

    It is the pride that makes lions such formidable opponents. When hunting, they are able to bring down prey that is far heavier and stronger than they are. Buffalo and sometimes elephants are notoriously targetted and the lions' teamwork is fascinating to watch. It is why they are the most feared predator on the continent.

    After catching their prey, it's every lion for itself. The bigger and stronger you are in lion society will determine when you feed. Generally the adult males will get first choice on their cut of meat before the females and finally the cubs. Meal-time is an aggressive and frantic affair.

    Against popular belief, lions are the world's fourth largest cat. Falling behind the liger, the Siberian and Bengal tiger. Male lions weigh on average almost two-hundred kilograms and stand at around four feet tall. Females are slightly smaller in weight and height, but it is the huge mane surrounding the male's face which gives it such an intimidating look.


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