Best Places to See Elephants on Safari

19th August 2021

Last week marked another World Elephant Day. These extraordinarily charismatic icons of the African wilderness are without doubt a favourite amongst safari enthusiasts. Whether you encounter a breeding herd led by a wise matriarch, or a gigantic bull in musth, the experiences of being in the presence of such giants is unforgettable.

Best Places to See Elephants on Safari

Up close and personal with elephants is a life-changing experience. © Singita

Although elephants can be seen in numerous locations across the continent, there are special areas where they are more prevalent than others and here we take a glimpse at the best 5 places to get up close and personal. One thing is for sure, an Africa safari is not complete without these beautiful animals.

Amboseli National Park, Kenya

With the beautiful backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, heading to Amboseli is a must for any photographer. Not only is the landscape breath-taking, but this National Park is home to some of the biggest tusked elephants in Africa. They are incredible to come across and any time spent in their presence is one that will be remembered forever. Elewana’s Tortilis is the place to visit if you wish for an incredible Amboseli experience.

Best Places to See Elephants on Safari

Elephants with Kilimanjaro as the background. © Elewana

Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

Although Tarangire remains under the radar of most travellers in Northern Tanzania, this beautiful and tranquil National Park is an elephant haven. As the dry season progresses, Tarangire’s water sources dry up leaving a very limited number of areas where these huge pachyderms can quench their thirst. The result of this is elephants around every corner. If you love elephants and want to visit Northern Tanzania, then Tarangire and especially Kuro camp in the heart of the park, is the place to visit.

elephants in tarangire

The Tarangire Swamp © Nomad

Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

With numerous camps operating photographic hides, Hwange presents some fantastic elephant viewing and photographic opportunities. The Hide located in the park, is the perfect camp to get these low angle views of the large herds of elephants that call the park home. From huge bulls to family herds, it is elephants galore in the dry season of Hwange.

photographic hide

View from the hide © The Hide

The Greater Kruger, South Africa

Whether you are in Singita’s National Park properties of Lebombo or Sweni or deep in the heart of the Sabi Sands at Dulini, elephants are a prominent fixtures to a game drive in the Greater Kruger. Being a year-round destination, South Africa’s sacred National Park offers some of the best elephant game viewing in Africa and offers the perfect destination for a first-time safari. With the prominence of rivers and plenty of other flora and fauna, the Kruger is a must-visit for elephant-lovers.

tracking elephants

Tracking elephants on foot. © Singita

The Okavango Delta, Botswana

Whilst Hwange and Tarangire offer incredible elephant viewing in the dry season, it is when the Delta is at its wettest when the elephant viewing is unique and at its best. From the Angolan Highlands, the world’s largest inland delta sees an influx of thousands of elephants who come to feed on the nutrient rich vegetation. Whether you are on game drive or gliding silently in a mokoro, elephant viewing in The Delta is an incredible experience.

elepahnts in botswana

Elephants at Chitabe © Wilderness Safaris