Africa Odyssey’s safari planning tips 

23rd August 2018

Africa Odyssey’s Safari planning tips

  • Go just off peak season to reduce costs without sacrificing amazing wildlife sightings! Ask us about the best deals around to cut the cost of your safari – it is no lie that they are an expensive hobby, so we are here to make it a bit more doable.
  • Choose smaller, more authentic camps as opposed to great big soulless hotels. We only really recommend this more intimate safari experience, as you lose all sense of being in the wilderness when surrounded by artificial and commercialised uninspiring big builds. Moreover, these familiar, cosy and personalised lodges are Africa’s speciality!
  • Don’t try to go to too many countries! Safaris are tiring there is no doubt, as you arise early to catch the night’s action before it disappears forever. If you indebt yourself with many long flights, you will not only waste a lot of money, but precious safari time. It is better to immerse yourself fully in one country than to half-heartedly visit lots of different places.
  • Saying this though, it is a very good idea to mix up the parks you visit in your particular chosen country. It would be a shame to go all the way to Africa and only see one tiny bit of it… Mixing parks can offer welcome variety in landscapes, wildlife and activities to keep each day fresh and exciting.
  • Bookend your safari with beach time! So many people think they do not want to visit the beach, but actually, after a long and exciting safari you will not want to get straight on a tiring long-haul flight. Even if it’s just a few days, take the time to relax and recuperate in the sunshine before flying back home. Africa is surrounded by the Indian Ocean – make the most of this!