Selous Safari Company

22nd June 2012

The start of the new season at Selous Safari Company is officially underway.

A fortnight ago we opened our camps and, like springtime there was the hustle and bustle of preparing our properties with new soft furnishings and filling our larders, followed by the excitement of our first guest arrivals.

Our Camps

At Jongomero Camp, in Ruaha, Molly has returned for his eighth season with the company and Noelle, her fourth season at the camp, alongside Aidan. Already the guests at Jongomero have had some wonderful experiences from discovering a lion on a walking safari, pack of wild dogs hunting an impala, herds of buffalo and elephant and even a lion’s breakfast outside tent three! Noelle continues to work alongside the local community, supporting and developing educational initiatives to boost learning standards – throughout the season follow her updates through our website.

We are happy to welcome back Gerald, Danny and Emiel and introduce our new management couple at Selous Safari Camp – Ricus Delport and Pietro Bosman. With experience all over Africa from Kenya to Gabon, Namibia to Central African Republic; these old safari hands are revelling in their new roles in Selous after coming off a season in the Serengeti. With the banks of the mighty Rufiji River bulging at the seams the animals have been coming out to excite guests – baby elephants cavorting in the mud, hippos munching on the fresh grasses and a pack of five wild dogs hunting an impala.

Marc and Lana, together with Upendo and Nasson are back with us at our blissful beach retreat of Ras Kutani. Our first guests have been delighted with the new menu, offering a variety of beautifully prepared dishes combining flavours from the sea and the East African spice coast. Community development is high on the agenda this season with wonderful donations from past and present guests flooding in and the completion of the well, which will allow the village of Gomvu access to clean water. In partnership with SeaSense our guests have also been lucky enough to witness wonderful turtle hatchings on the beach. Watching these tiny turtles make their first journey down to the surf is a breath-taking experience.