The Covid Laundrette – Avoid Red List Quarantine

23rd September 2021

The Covid Laundrette – Avoiding Red List Quarantine

With the UK government non-responsive to removing safari destinations off the red list, there is a legal way to avoid the extortionately priced hotel quarantine upon arrival back into the UK.

Eleven nights confined to a boxroom with meagre meals, twenty minutes of exercise per day and with not being able to see the outside world due to inward facing windows, finishing a trip in the quarantine hotels would certainly put a dampener on things.

Instead of this world of misery, why not head to Amsterdam, Prague or to go further afield, the Caribbean, for ten full days of site seeing or relaxing on a beach before heading back to the UK.

Enjoy the freedom of exploring a new destination where you can rest and relax after an enthralling safari. If you don’t have the time to take off from work, then if you can work from home, there’s nothing stopping you using these extra eleven nights on a sun lounger with the laptop by your side – and maybe a pina colada in one hand.

As illustrated in The Independent and showcased by Premier League footballers who returned to the UK from South America via Croatia, the Covid laundrette is a legal and responsible way of not having to pay the UK’s ridiculous hotel costs.

To put it very simply: clean your travel history, by diverting to a location on the green list and spending 10 full days there. This will ensure you need not waste time and money in a government quarantine hotel.

From a green-list nation, fully vaccinated arrivals into the UK need not self-isolate at all, and with testing procedures becoming easier over the next month, costs of arriving back at the UK are falling, which is certainly welcome news to everyone wishing to travel.

For any questions, please contact our experts who will happily talk you through your different itinerary options.