Full Of Surprises On Safari

10th November 2011

On an safari holiday, there are plentiful chances for safari enthusiasts to see remarkable things from the animals that roam East Africa. From the diminutive dik dik, which stays with just one mate for life (beating us humans in the love stakes hands down), to the towering supermodel of the bush – the giraffe, which has a tiny brain despite its size, an safari holiday is full of surprises! Even after days acclimatising, the animal kingdom manages to keep visitors on their toes – or wheels! For example, it’s hard to believe that despite their bulk, hippos can easily outrun a fast human and, even more surprisingly, that elephants rarely sleep – they need to eat so much that they just eat right through the night! However the biggest surprise of all is that, to the wild beasts of Africa, the human is the most boring and predictable species of the animal world. Even at a metre away, lions barely raise an eyebrow at the roaring metal brute of a 4×4, although you can occasionally see the bird-brained giraffe ‘hiding’ behind branches – their great big bodies on show to the whole savannah!