The Residence Zanzibar, Ted’s latest trip report

4th July 2011

I am back in London now after an excellent trip to the Selous Game Reserve, Pemba Island and Zanzibar.

Have a look at this video of the Residence that I have just put together:

My final two nights have been at the brand new luxury resort ‘ The Residence Zanzibar’. This Hotel has sister properties in both Mauritius and Tunisia and carries a strong brand name. It opened in April but will not officially open until later on in this summer, but over the last two days I have been very impressed. It was a long journey from the Manta Resort on Pemba but once I arrived I had a swim and a few cocktails and a great seafood meal of freshly caught Red Snapper.

Almost 70 Luxury rooms which are pristine and each has their own private swimming pool which you can actually swim in as opposed to the smaller plunge pools elsewhere. The property is spread out over a large area on the South West of the island and to get around you simply dial 0 on your suite phone and a golf cart and butler come and pick you up. The food, cocktails, service are fantastic and most of bar and restaurant managers come from Mauritius or Tunisia giving a slightly different edge over other properties on the island.

This hotel is all about luxury and great service and in a few months time when all the freshly planted palm trees and landscaping have developed I imagine it will be a great resort.

Probably not the best beach on the island but this doesn’t matter as you have lots of pools to swim in, an incredible spa, very luxurious rooms and great service.

A great new addition to the other luxury resorts on Zanzibar.