Giraffe Manor Kenya: A Guide

1st March 2019

Giraffe Manor Kenya

There is no doubt that Giraffe Manor is world-famous, and for good reason. It offers one of the most intimate wildlife experiences on the planet, with one of the most majestic and gentle animals on the continent. As the name suggests, the focus of this fantastic boutique hotel is its long-necked friends which also call this 12 acre stretch of private land home. However, the overall experience, even without the giraffes is that of a bygone era of safari romance.

Enjoy breakfast with the giraffes and leave your room windows open for a surprise visit from the very tame and extremely content Rothschild giraffes. Having the giraffes in the vicinity epitomizes the elegant history of Giraffe Manor and this old school atmosphere is palpable from the giraffes themselves through to the bed frames, to the food, to the dining room and to the warm and welcoming staff. There are 12 rooms in this grand manor house, and all are beautifully decorated. You have to be careful about which one you choose though, as a few of them don’t have verandas and therefore don’t make the most of the hotel’s giraffe interaction potential!

Giraffe Manor Kenya: A Guide

Giraffe Manor cost

If you are looking for an overnight stop, then Giraffe Manor will give you a seriously different Nairobi experience. However, it does tend to get booked up years in advance, so if you want to be in with a chance of staying here then please let us know far in advance. Because of it’s fame, it has also acquired a bit of a price tag to match – at prices beginning at $620 per person per night, it is certainly not a cheap pit stop, but one which will linger on in your memories until way after your return home.

TIP: If Giraffe Manor is booked up and/or you don’t want to pay a premium for a one night stop on top of an already expensive safari, there is actually a giraffe feeding point which you can visit in the grounds even if you are not staying at Giraffe Manor itself. Although staying is really very special, we sometimes feel as though the fame of the hotel sometimes supersedes justification for visiting. If you really want to interact with the Giraffes give us a call and we can check availability for you and advise on how to proceed in order to make your wish come true.

Giraffe Manor Kenya: A Guide

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