Uganda Trip Report Q&A

23rd February 2021

Gorilla Trekking and Uganda Safari

Earlier this year, Africa consultant Sam visited Uganda to take part in some of the country’s best wildlife viewing experiences. Here is a Q&A as he talks through the main highlights.

Let’s start off with the most obvious question – what was your favourite activity?

Honestly, I do not think you can beat the gorilla trekking experience. It is as magical as everyone says! I was lucky enough to take part in two treks, one in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and another in Mgahinga National Park. If you have the time, then definitely visit both National Parks. Both are very beautiful but for different reasons and being charged by one of the three silverbacks in the Mgahinga family certainly got the blood pumping!

We all know how rare gorillas are, but did you find anything that is even more endangered?

Mammal-wise no, but for those wildlife fanatics, I did find two shoebills. With our guide we navigated our way through the waterways of Mabamba Swamp. Finding an adult female with her juvenile was an incredible experience. Mabamba’s location to Entebbe [a mere 15 minute-drive from the city centre] makes it the perfect morning or afternoon activity!

So what else can Uganda offer?

There is so much that this beautiful country can offer. Chimp trekking in Kibale is a must for those who love primates. They are just as intriguing as the gorillas, although harder to photograph.

For those who love boating safaris or are keen birders, the country has endless amounts of opportunities! Queen Elizabeth National Park is great to get your safari fix. There is an abundance of plains game, elephants, lions and even leopards! An added bonus in Queen Elizabeth is being able to boat along the Kazinga Channel. Getting up-close to hippos, crocodiles and the endless bird life is a wildlife enthusiasts dream.

Uganda Trip Report Q&A

Photographing a bull elephant on the Kazinga Channel. © Sam Hankss

Something that is ever present in today’s world and a must-ask question, did the Covid-19 pandemic have any affect on your experience?

In truth, no. Masks had to be worn once we were with the gorilla families, but that did not impact on our experience at all. Of course, staff at the lodges wore masks and adhered to social distancing, but again this did not impact on my experience.

I felt safer out in Uganda than I did in England!