Best places to stay in Principe

Best Places To Stay In Principe

A canvas of bustling jungle life only interrupted by dramatic prehistoric rocks emerging from the flora below, Principe is a lost world of natural wonderment. 

Bom Bom

It is no wonder that Bom Bom is probably the most popular hotel on the island. With secluded beaches, a forest teeming with life, a restaurant serving notoriously delicious food and a luscious pool all on your doorstep, you can’t go far wrong with a stay in this little slice of undiscovered paradise.

Praia Sundy

Praia Sundy is neatly nestled on the north western coast of Principe amidst enchanting tropical forest; it seamlessly blends in to its surroundings. Everything here offers the utmost comfort, yet without distracting from the glorious natural surroundings – it is eco luxury at its finest.

Roca Sundy

Roca meaning the farm is a different idea to the other hotels located on the beach. It revolves around celebrating the people, way of life and history of Principe. 

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