Sao Tome

Dramatic rock formations tower above jungles teeming with life, and all live side by side with a uniquely charming culture & atmosphere which and tangible throughout the San Tome.
The general attitude you will be hit by upon landing in Sao Tome, is that of leve leve, essentially translating to take it easy. No other holiday destination is more relaxed, yet with an abundance of activities right on your doorstep, if you can tear yourself from your white sands deserted beach that is...

What to do on Sao Tome?

Although many only pass through Sao Tome to get to the even remoter Principe, there are a number of things to be enjoyed on the main island too! You can take a guided visit to the south of the island, go on a coffee plantation tour, enjoy turtle watching, bird watching, diving and the thing which makes it stand out from its northern neighbour; you can enjoy a city tour of the capital. It is a great place to absorb the culture of the Sao Tome and Principe people, if not a little more hectic than on Principe, the island which attracts most tourists (of the few that actually visit!). 

Where to stay in Sao Tome?

The only option is Omali – however, this is a fantastic one! Omali offers a beautiful setting to base yourself for a night after your flight, or even for a few nights before heading over to Principe.

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where to stay in sao tome and principe

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