Zambia is one of the best safari destinations in Africa for those wanting an old school wild and raw experience. A well kept secret for many years by the safari connoisseurs who liked to keep it for themselves but the last few years its begun opening up slowly but still for those in the know. The majority of the camps are small and still owner run giving a unique experience for a safari.

The best bush camps in Zambia

Zambia has a few top end lodges that would not look out of place in South Africa or Botswana, but what makes a safari in Zambia so unique are its small intimate bush camps. These small reed camps are taken down every November and rebuilt again every May for the upcoming season. They are set in isolated areas like the far reaches of the South Luangwa or North Luangwa parks perfect for walking. Mwaleshi in the North Luangwa and Mwamba plus Chikoko Trails in the South Luangwa are the best examples of a more simple safari experience. There are no luxuries here, it’s all about the safari, small reed huts, mosquito nets, bush kitchens are the norm here.

Walking safaris in Zambia

The South Luangwa National Park was the birthplace of the walking safari and arguably the best destination for this wild and wonderful activity. Surrounded by some of Africa’s most remote and untouched wilderness, and guided by professional and highly knowledgeable guides, you will feel like you’re at one with nature and on a true adventure.

Big Cat Safaris in Zambia

As you would expect Zambia has some of the most exceptional game viewing opportunities in Africa. The parks of Zambia are among the best in the world to see leopard and lion.
The wooded Lower Zambezi National Park has leopard everywhere, not a game drive goes by without a glimpse of these majestic big cats. Two of the best camps to see leopards almost on a daily basis are Chiawa and its sister camp Old Mondoro. These two camps are in prime leopard country.
Whilst the Lower Zambezi has fantastic sightings of the big cats especially leopard, the South Luangwa more famous for its walking also has its fair share of big cats. The lion population around Kaingo have been a permanent fixture for many a year now. The forest close to Kakuli has great leopard and have been known to be seen from the camp itself.


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