What is a tour operator?

9th December 2019

What is a tour operator?

Unlike travel agents who sell set packages from tour operators, we can tailor-make any trip to suit your specific expectations and priorities. The power really is in your hands when deciding on which lodges and areas to combine with each other, but we will do the leg work. Of course, we will guide you in the very best direction for your specific requirements… There would be no point flying all the way to the other end of Africa for a beach, when there is a fabulous one right on the doorstep of your desired safari destination. We have the logistical and expert safari (and beach!) knowledge which can guide you into the best holiday possible for your budget and unique preferences.

Are you more expensive than booking direct?

No! This is a huge misconception surrounding Tour Operators. We are absolutely no more expensive than if you were to book all of your accommodation direct with the lodges.

So how do you make money?

Following on from the last point – we sell each lodge and internal flights at recommended rack selling rate. From this, we get reduced rates from all the lodges and companies on the ground. We have 20 years experience in Africa which means we get especially generous rates from the lodges – this means we have the flexibility to discount your trip from the get go so your holiday is automatically cheaper than booking direct with the lodges. Just another reason to book with Odyssey.

We are impartial and not married to any particular company, lodge or camp

If you feel as though we are pushing you towards a particular camp or lodge, this is simply because we have visited it, and think you will love it. Often, camps and lodges can look amazing on the internet, but it all changes when you visit, and find since the photographs it is somewhat run down, or lacking in atmosphere. We will always send clients to destinations which marry your specific tastes and preferences with the camps we have recently visited and fell in love with.

Yes, we go to Africa… A lot!

We visit, revisit and visit again all the countries in safari Africa. In fact, our team are some of the most informed in the industry about their specialist countries. There is hardly a camp we have not heard of, visited and do not have an opinion on! On our trips which happen at least once a year we visit some of the best lodges for a range of budgets, and make sure we don’t miss anything new and that our favourites are still justifiably number 1’s.

We hope this clears up some common misconceptions surrounding the role of a Tour Operator – if you have any questions at all, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.