Chimp Trekking with Africa Odyssey

16th February 2021

Chimp Trekking with Africa Odyssey

Whilst gorillas steal the spotlight for primate viewing in East Africa, chimp trekking is just as an incredible experience and should never be over-looked!

Whether you plan to visit Tanzania, Uganda or Rwanda, chimp trekking is available in all three countries and the experience will leave you in awe of our second closest relatives.

Africa expert Sam recently travelled to Uganda and here is a look at what exactly a chimp trek entails.

On his action-packed itinerary he visited Kalinzu Forest, located half an hour South of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Although Kibale is the best destination for chimp viewing, Sam wanted to check out another chimp trekking alternative for those who do not have the time in their itinerary to venture to Kibale.

In Uganda, Kibale is the most popular destination for chimp trekking and our favourite lodges here are Primate Lodge. Located in the heart of the forest, you are guaranteed an immersive experience at the lodge and not just on your trek. Keep your camera close by, you never know what you may see from your veranda!

Whilst people flock to the North of Tanzania, in the West lies a hidden gem. Greystoke Mahale run by Nomad Tanzania offers an idyllic combination of relaxation and primate viewing. The mornings can be spent exploring the forests in search of the chimps, whilst the afternoons are all about resting and relaxing on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. It is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy some serenity.

Nyungwe Forest is where chimp trekking is undertaken in Rwanda with Nyungwe Forest Lodge being the pick of the bunch here. Whilst most people combine this with Volcanoes National Park, heading to Akagera National Park is also a brilliant safari option to consider. Visiting multiple National Parks in Rwanda also sees you eligible for a discount on gorilla trekking permits so make sure you contact one of our Africa experts for more information about this.