A Guide to Safari Clothing

8th March 2019

A guide to women and men’s safari clothing

It is important on a first-time safari to make sure you pack the appropriate clothing to make you comfortable on your time in the bush, so this is a little post to help you out with your packing!


Bring only a few safari tops – laundry service on safari is very good, and if you put a top in the laundry in the morning the camp will return it by the time you are back from your evening drive. T-shirts are a good option for safari and neutral colours are recommended so to blend in with your surroundings. Avoid black and blue if you are visiting areas with Tsetse flies as these colours attract them. So three t-shirts is probably enough for a week’s safari.

You will need a few layers (depending on when and where you are going!) as it can get pretty chilly in the evenings and on early morning game drives. I would say one or two long sleeved thin tops and a jumper or two. A windproof jacket is also sometimes a great idea for game drives in the chill of the morning to keep youall cosy inside. Ask us for packing recommendations for your specific country though! Also don’t forget to bring a few different outfits for evenings and also beach time if that applies to you!


Bring a few pairs of long trousers – a few comfortable and neutral pairs for game drives and a few more for evening meals. You do not have to dress up at all for evening meals on safari, but having a change of clothes is always nice, especially after a particularly dusty game drive.


If you are going on a walking safari, you will need a good pair of walking shoes. Make sure you break them in before arrival! Nothing worse than blisters spoiling a beautiful walk in the wilderness. You should also consider bringing some comfortable and breathable shoes for walking around camp in the day time. Don’t forget your flip flops if you are bookending your safari with some beach time too!


There are a few essential accessories which will make your safari even better.

If you have a good camera – bring it! A safari is probably the most photogenic of holidays you will ever go on and it would be a shame to miss out on this opportunity for some phenomenal shots.

Binos! So important to catch the action in the distance you may simply miss without a good pair. For birders, binoculars are really crucial.

A hat is also a good idea. A cap or sun sat is great for sunny game drives – make sure it fits on your head nicely though, as there is always a danger of it being blown away in the open sided vehicles.

Sunglasses… Self explanatory!

Swimming costume/bikini – some lodges have pools, and if they don’t, if you are also going to the beach this is a no brainer.

Underwear… Easy drying underwear is a good idea. In many safari camps you have to wash your own underwear by hand so making sure you have some which are easily dried is a good idea.

Sports bra! Even if you are not planning any activities other than game drives, the roads can often be bumpy so to make sure you aren’t suffering, pack a few just in case.

Insect repellent… Because mozzies can be very annoying!