African Safari and Beach accommodation

24th August 2018

African Safari and Beach accommodation

Mobile Fly Camp:

A private, mobile fly camp is packed up and pitched on a fresh patch of wild park each day. This can be as elaborate or simple as you are prepared to pay for; but carrying cooks and supplies, mess tents and showers is always going to be an expensive, if wonderfully personal and exciting, business. Tents are usually small and fairly basic. Some safari lodges offer single nights fly-camping in the bush. This is definitely one of the best safari holiday experiences we recommend.
Example – Nsolo

African Safari and Beach accommodation

Semi-permanent tented lodge:

An alternative form of mobile camping is becoming increasingly popular, as operators (such as Nomads and &Beyond) recognise the value of setting up a camp close to the migrating herds. These camps are really semi-permanent tents, very big and luxurious, and you will not notice their ‘mobility’! Your camp will be prepared before your arrival, and remain in place for the duration of your stay.  This is really the only way to guarantee peak migration game viewing.
Example – Serengeti Under Canvas

African Safari and Beach accommodation

Tented Lodge / Camp:

A tented lodge or camp is a permanent structure, which never moves, in which accommodation is under canvas. Most have solid, wooden floors, proper bathrooms, running water and will include a fully solid structure bar and restaurant area. Experience the sensation of a night under canvas, with tent flaps pegged open to the stars, the sound of the African bush all around you, but the comfort of real porcelain and heavy, wooden beds… Tented Camps are just as well appointed as a lodge (see below), in terms of comforts such as swimming pools etc.
Example – Pelo Camp

Safari Lodges:

The definition of a lodge is less clear.  This is a term used for a smaller, often owner-run accommodation, as distinct from a large hotel.  They are usually truly luxurious and beautifully appointed; usually have swimming pools and almost all have their own resident vehicles, trackers and guides.  A lodge is a typical place to stay on safari.
Example – Londolozi

Safari Hotels:

Safari hotels tend to be much larger, less personal and less intimate than lodges.  As a matter of course they tend not to have their own safari vehicles, or guides, and so we would arrange a private safari for guests and use the hotel simply for board and lodging.
Example – Four Seasons Serengeti

Safari House:

There are a few private houses available for rental in Africa, either on safari or at the beach.  This is a great way for a group of friends or a family to enjoy a private, self-contained holiday
Example – Chongwe River House


Villas are a concept for the beach only, not safari. Many of the larger beach resorts, in an effort to attract a higher spending client, have built a number of stand-alone villas hidden away from the rest of the hotel.  These offer more space and privacy than a conventional hotel room or suite, and tend to be ultra-luxurious, often with private plunge pools and butlers.
Example – Xanadu (not a big hotel, but a stunning complex of 6 villas on Zanzibar)


In summary there is a wide range of choice for your African Safari – different countries, different activities, different types of accommodation, and definitely different prices.  We strongly suggest that you call us to discuss further as we can give you an impartial opinion as to what would best suit your requirements.