A guide to Africa’s green season

2nd November 2018

When is Africa’s green season?

East Africa’s green season is split into the short rains in November, and the long rains in April and May. Going just outside these seasons in the ‘shoulder season’ can be a great idea to combine the benefits of low prices without compromising on exceptional wildlife viewing…

Southern Africa

Southern Africa has long rains which generally begin in December and continue all the way through until the end of May. However, from country to country this can vary somewhat, see out when to go pages for more information on the main green season of each area.

What to expect in green season

Green season in the various safari countries in Africa can offer a truly magical experience. With the rains some new life, the return of migratory birds and landscapes erupting into beautiful luscious green flora. Bushes are buzzing with life, the scenery is glorious and it is a time where untouched African wilderness is at its most glorious away from the sometimes busy dry season months. With the new life green season brings, also comes opportunity to witness some of the most extraordinary wildlife action in the world. It is a really attractive option for the seasoned safari-goer who has ticked off their big 5, and is in pursuit of something very different.

What are the pros and cons of travelling to Africa in green season?


  • Amazing birding
  • Low season rates cuts the cost of a usually very expensive safari in half… And all for a completely unique safari experience
  • Dramatic skies and scenery (particularly attractive for budding photographers)
  • The parks are at their most beautiful
  • Usually busy areas all to yourself
  • Know where to go, and you will not compromise on exceptional wildlife


  • Wildlife technically not as prominent as in dry season as the dense green season bush can make it sometimes difficult to spot animals
  • Some areas and lodges are closed due to inaccessibility
  • It may rain! Depending on where and when you go, this could vary form unrelenting and constant downfall to the occasional afternoon shower… The latter being the more desirable!

Where to go in green season?

A lot of parks and lodges can be closed during green season due to inaccessibility. However, know where to go and you can have an unparalleled wildlife experience…. Click on the photos for more information.

The Okavango Delta

A guide to Africa’s green season

Victoria Falls

A guide to Africa’s green season

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South Africa



Cape Town



Rwanda and Uganda



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Should I go on safari in Green Season?

If you have been on safari before and checked of your big 5 hit list, a green season safari may be the most unforgettable safari experience you will ever have. The green season is not less expensive because it is bad at all which is a common misconception – it is simply a completely different safari experience. Go in green season for unbelievable scenery, a wild and undisturbed safari and the opportunity for some seriously off the grid wildlife viewing.