A Mauritius family holiday must be in the global top 5 of best family holidays; there is no chink in their armour of incredible hospitality, beautiful location, bountiful sunshine and plethora of kid and adult-friendly activities.
The landscape and scenery of Mauritius are show-stopping: fresh clear sea to the horizon, white flour sand beaches, profuse vegetation, bold and striking volcanic rocks, and thriving coral reefs. Moreover, this is an island where the watersports are all inclusive, the spa is as good as you will find, children will beg to be allowed to go to kids' club, and the food reflects the most delicious fusion of the island's Asian, African and European cultural heritage.

Why a Mauritius Family Holiday?

  • The Mauritian people are wonderful with children, welcoming them with open arms. This means that you can take a holiday from quietening their exuberance, and they can go a few blissful days without hearing you drone on.
  • Kids’ Clubs are the staple of many resorts in Mauritius, and the standard is high. From little ones to teenagers, Mauritius has it sorted, making sure kids are active, entertained and making friends.
  • This is Africa, but this does not mean there is malaria. Mauritius is malaria-free so you won’t have to remember the Malerone, or battle with your children to keep up the doses on your Mauritius family holiday.  Show me more >

  • Itinerary Suggestions

    Mauritius is not the place we recommend for a big adventurous tour, particularly when you’re trailing little ones. Rather, come here and flop. It’s a great end to a safari on the mainland, particularly from South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania due to the direct flights, and we recommend staying at least 6 nights.

    Even if flopping is not on the agenda, we still recommend staying in the one spot and then getting out to explore by day – there are some wild natural trails, prim golf courses, vast tea plantations, and many a hidden beach or restaurant upon which to stumble.

    Best Family hotels in Mauritius

    Belle Mare Plage, on the east coast, is a big hotel but with a fabulous private beach and tops our chart for the best family hotels in Mauritius. With 2 Championship golf courses, a coral reef and a watersports lagoon, Belle Mare Plage has plenty to offer alongside its stunning 2km long white sandy beach. If you head there in the school holidays, give our Director Marc a high five, he can’t stay away from the Belle Mare Plage!

    The Prince Maurice, also on the east coast, is up there with best family hotels in Mauritius. The beach isn’t as great as the Belle Mare but it packs a punch in terms of service and activities, and older kids can join you on the Belle Mare Plage’s golf course next door.  Show me more >


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