A Mauritius honeymoon must be in the global top 5 of best honeymoon destinations; there is no chink in their armour of incredible hospitality, beautiful location and bountiful sunshine.

The landscape and scenery of Mauritius are show-stopping: fresh clear sea to the horizon, white flour sand beaches, profuse vegetation, bold and striking volcanic rocks, and thriving coral reefs. Moreover, this is an island where the water sports are all inclusive, the spa is as good as you will find, children will beg to be allowed to go to kids' club, and the food reflects the most delicious fusion of the island's Asian, African and European cultural heritage.

Why Mauritius Honeymoon?

  • It has to be the sweeping white sand beaches. When we imagine ourselves on a honeymoon, that’s where we go...thin white cotton curtains softly undulating in the sea breeze, beckoning you on to the balcony, a small cove below, shaded by casuarina trees… We can’t think of anywhere we’d rather be for a 5 o’clock G&T to watch the sun go down.
  • Mauritius excels in terms of hospitality, particularly crucial on your honeymoon. You need intelligent, unassuming service so that you are left in peace and privacy, but have everything you need, whenever you need it.
  • Mauritius tends towards private, suave glamour of a five star hotel, rather than Robinson Crusoe style 'barefoot luxury'; however, it is surprisingly adept at producing accommodations for all sorts of budgets.
  • Mauritius is great for activities, from skydiving to glass bottom boat trips, so you don’t need to worry about getting bored so early on in your marriage.
  • It’s Africa but it’s malaria-free, meaning no need to sign up to a course of anti-malaria pills which is a definite plus point.

  • Itinerary Suggestions

    Most guests on a Mauritius honeymoon tend to book in to one hotel for the duration and put their feet up, rather than travelling from place to place around Mauritius (have a look below for our top suggestions of where to stay for a Mauritius Honeymoon).
    However, Mauritius is often combined with mainland Africa for a safari and beach itinerary.  A great itinerary with minimal travelling time is Sabi Sands in South Africa for 5 nights, flying over to Mauritius for 5-7 days on the beach. However, as Johannesburg is the hub for Southern Africa’s international flights, it’s a no-brainer to combine Mauritius with a safari in Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe or Malawi.
    Flights from Eastern Africa are straightforward too if you are looking for a Kenya or Tanzania safari, ending up in Mauritius.

    Our View: Most Romantic Mauritius Hotels

    There are so many romantic Mauritius hotels, we could go on all day..
    The Prince Maurice’s Senior Villas are up there with our absolute favourite romantic Mauritius hotels, each with a heated private pool and direct beach access. If you’re looking for the best beach, look no further than the One and Only St Geran, with 60 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds that take in tropical gardens, pools and sweeping beaches.
    For exclusivity and opulence, it’s the Oberoi; we find the sunken marble bath and four-poster bed incredibly romantic. One and Only Touessrok is a fab choice for your Mauritius honeymoon, particularly if you opt to stay on their private island; Dinarobin on the west coast gives you the best of two worlds: peace and tranquillity but access to the neighbouring hotel’s golf course and restaurants.


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