Sun Boat III

We love the idea of cruising down the Nile, seeing the best of Egypt's sights on the way, but we don't like big cruise boats, crowds or any kind of tacky discomfort. Sanctuary Sun Boat is ideal; comfortable, small and completely the right vibe. Hooray for the less showy and altogether more attractive options... with small pool, loungers, library and restaurant to write home about...
Sanctuary Sun Boat III is fabulously small motorised yacht, and the ultimate in luxury Nile cruises. Brilliantly decorated with hand-woven rugs, sofas and chandeliers, it is decorated to inspire a good sense of old, glamorous comfort.

With just 18 cabins, so no more than 36 guests at any one time, the atmosphere is one of serious style and unostentatious refinement.
The crew is fabulous, with considerate hosting to allow you time to yourself or to socialise as you like which we think is really important when confided to a boat! 
Each cruise makes its way from Aswan to Luxor or Luxor to Aswan over a period of seven days, so you choose your direction, although shorter, 4 or 3 night cruises are available in May, June and July, and the boat is closed for maintenance during August. A really fantastic option for those who like the finer things! 


Sun Boat III Rates:
$150 per person

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