Best Hotels in Egypt with Africa Odyssey

Egypt has endless options, and  - to put it bluntly - a lot of the hotels are not very good! In the different areas (mainly Aswan, Cairo and Luxar) there are only a handful of hotels which we are confident offer an excellent experience, and therefore these are the only ones we recommend. We have sorted the chaff from the wheat for you, so take a look at the below options and see which destinations and hotels grab you.
The below hotels are the iconic ones, which have a good standard of luxury and quality throughout. In Cairo, Mena House is a fantastic option as you can admire the pyramids from the comfort of your room. It is convenient and luxurious and definitely the place to be in Cairo. On to the ancient tombs and temples of Luxor, if you are venturing here it has to be Winter House which is the staple hotel in the region – it is not hugely glitzy, but there is a certain amount of charm in its rustic yet comfortably luxurious walls as this hotel is hugely historical, so would suit any traveller interested in the regions history. On to the peace and tranquillity of Aswan, it would be a shame not to base yourself in a hotel which epitomizes just this; therefore Old Cataract is the place to stay here.

For something a bit different, there is the Sun Boat Cruise which takes you on a historical trip back in time between Aswan and Luxor on this fabulous Nile Cruise. This is a 4 night trip, and costs $540 per person per night.

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