The Maldives has endless islands… 1,200 to be exact! So as you can imagine, there are an awful lot of accommodation options out there. One thing is certain when visiting the Maldives, is that the beaches are always glorious. The Indian Ocean activities on offer here are second to none; the diving, snorkelling, water sports and everything in between are phenomenal.
Imagine those iconic images of the boardwalks set into the ocean allowing guests to jump straight into the warm water, and even go snorkelling just off the decking … And that is the Maldives all over! There are so many exceptional hotels, it is really all down to availability and which ones suit your budget and unique tastes.

The minimum size of the hotels is around 40 rooms, and the most intimate we have found is Cocoa Island. Mostly though, the hotels are big averaging at around 70 rooms. Just because they are big, it doesn’t mean they are not exceptional. The iconic Fushi hotel chain offers a world class beach experience and is priced from around $600 per person per night. Baros Island is a more economical option at around $457 per person per night. As you can see, Maldives is a mosaic of exceptional beach hotels giving you the perfect Indian Ocean experience.

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