Africa Odyssey Testimonials

A Kapit

Jambo Nick

I just wanted to let you and the TO group know what a wonderful trip we had.  It was truly life-changing for all of us on so many levels.
You did a magnificent job of organizing and sorting out all the details and it really resulted in an adventure to always be treasured.
I plan to call you sometime next week – I’m still somewhat jet-lagged and jet-logged, but am slowly coming to my senses.  (Not that I really want to).  The safari was unbelievable and in case you hadn’t heard, we saw the Big 5.  On the last day of the trip on the Serengeti, we went to Seronera at the suggestion of our guide, Gadi Lazier (that’s just a whole fabulous story unto itself) and we saw the elusive Leopard.  My heart practically fell out.  He, Gadi, and the Roy Safaris company were excellent.
All the connections were made as planned, and actually every accommodation and guide we had seemed to be top-notch.  The food was quite tasty as well.
So asante sana rifiki and have a nice weekend.  Let’s try to talk next week.
I picked up some lovely CDs of East and South African music.

My best regards
A Kapit 2007

H Colvin

Hi Marc

Just wanted to thank you for a brilliantly organised trip – everything went incredibly smoothly and we really did have the most fabulous time. I’m so glad we did Zanzibar first as, much as it was great, we just totally loved Ras Kutani and all the people there. It was completely fantastic and we’re gutted to be back!

H Colvin 2007

D Frazer

Hi Nick,

So we are home, and a big thanks to you and the team – we had an absolute ball. Loads of memories, stories for life and photos to back it up.

To be honest we were going completey into the dark, none of us having done anything like it ever before. But how our eyes have been opened.

As a summary:

- all the transfers worked perfectly, we were met at every point and shown where to go (apart from at Dar national terminal yesterday, but no probs).

- the Coastal service was at first exciting and scarry, and then admired as it somehow always turned up on time, and it was great fun.

- we stayed at Beho first – and this was the highlight by a country mile. We really hit it off with all the staff and guides there and they led us to some remarkable sights. We enjoyed the most the walks out with the guides and creeping up on the game, and even saw a kill by wild dogs out on a plain (on foot!). In camp we had some fairly wild partys and games of snooker, so where sad to go. Fantastic food, creative meal times, elephants starring in from the bedroom window, it was really something.

- next stop Jongomero, where it had been raining so much the bush was high and so alot of the tracks were closed. The pace was different with an efficient but a little characteless couple running the show – Claire and Greg. We had the impression of it being part of a chain with rules that we didnt experience in Beho at all. Lovely set up, nice rooms though.

- then Zanzi and Gemma, and this did everything we thaught it would – nice and relaxing, pretty good standard, and with the overbooking of our villa for the first night we managed to persuade them to give us the Presidential Villa with 100 staff and fab private pool. 5 nights enough though.

Overall a first class holiday, and something that we had hoped for but was surpassed. Many thanks.

Happy to act as a reference for you guys, your organisation and recommendation were top notch.

We will be back!!!

D Frazer 2007

P Bell

I thought it only just and proper that I wrote to tell you what a FANTASTIC time we had in Tanzania.. The Selous Safari Lodge made us truly welcome, and helped to make our honeymoon something we will never forget. Although it was organised directly through our friends, the Breezes was also truly superb… Thanks again, and we WILL be going back!
P Bell 2006

H McCalmont

Dear Mark/Julian

Can’t believe we have been back nearly a fortnight already.  It really was the most wonderful holiday – thank you so much.  Everything worked brilliantly – all flights on time, and we particularly enjoyed the private plane ride out of the Selous back to Dar.  We loved the Selous private safari camp and also Zanzibar although we did prefer Matemwe to Ras Nungwi (a bit too “butlins” for us!!)
Can you let me know the breakdown of the different places ie was Matemwe a lot more expensive than Ras Nungwi for instance?
Thanks so much

H McCalmont 2006