Africa Odyssey Testimonials

J Cornish


Just wanted to give yourself & Tanzania Odyssey some positive feedback (especially as feedback is often negative).

We had a fantastic honeymoon, everything went extremely smoothly & according to plan.  Having lived in Africa, many years ago, I have to compliment you on a fantastic job as making things go smoothly is often extremely difficult.  Beho Beho was superb, Ras Nungwi amazing & Serena Inn very impressive.

Thanks for all your help in making our Honeymoon something to remember.


J Cornish 2006

J Edwards

Hello Marc.

Glad to tell you that the trip was absolutely first class and everything after we left London went like clockwork. We were both hugely impressed by all the  places you arranged for us to stay in. The quality of the accommodation was really good and  all the people at Selous, Jongomero and Ras Nungwi were extremely welcoming, friendly and eager to help.

Both the bush camps were great fun. The accomodation was gorgeous and the standard of dining was very high.

At Ras Nungwi we thought the hotel was super and extremely well run and
even our last day in Stonetown was thoroughly enjoyed and we thought the guest house was very charming and comfy.

We had  good times everywhere, saw a lot of big game at very close
quarters (bit too close a couple of times!), soaked up a lot of the
atmosphere of living in the wild, and met a lot of interesting people. I am glad we had a chance to sample two fairly  different camps at Selous and Jongomero.

A lot of people we encountered asked us which we preferred and we could
only answer that they were both terrific and if you were only going to one it would be very hard to choose which.

As you know, I  was already an ‘Afrophile’ and this trip just reinforced my views about  it being a place everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime. Margot  had never been to Africa but was bowled over by everything and came away saying “Which part of Africa are we going to visit next? ”

I can honestly say we couldn’t think of a single even slightly negative
aspect of this trip and you can be assured that will be reflected in what I write. Thank you for everything you did to make it such a memorable adventure.

I  will be in touch again in the next few days, will try to drop in,
because I will need to include some typical prices and options for this
type of holiday with your company.

Once again, thanks for all your help.

J Edwards 2006

S Ballinger

Hi Julian,

Had forgotten to drop a line to thank-you for arranging our honeymoon. We had a fabulous time all the way through, no hitches or problems and where we were being met along the way the person was there waiting for us, polite and efficient. Can’t believe how well it went.

As our first safari experience we were spoilt, saw everything we wanted to and stayed at the greatest of places. Don’t think we can ever go on safari again as nothing will live up to this trip….

Cheers again,

S Ballinger 2006

L Despax

We’ve just come back from our trip to Tanzania and it was FAN-*******-TASTIC!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for arranging such a brillant holiday.The hotels you chose for us were brilliant and the Selous and safari camp was the real highlight. We can’t wait to go again, pobably to the Ruaha reserve, hopefully in January and we will definitely be in touch with you to organise that. Thank you so much again for an amazing 10 days.

L Despax 2006

D Shafer


Thanks for arranging a fantastic trip!
We enjoyed the Sand Rivers Lodge and Mwagusi very much.  Sand Rivers was exceptional because we had a private guide for just the two of us, the opportunity to take a boat trip upriver and do some fishing in addition to the standard game drives was also a nice change.
The number and diversity of game that we saw at both places exceeded my expectations!
The treehouses at Chole Minji were also quite unique.

I have attached a few of my best photos for you to see.
Thanks again for a great trip!

D Shafer 2006