Choosing your accommodation for a dream holiday is by no means an easy feat. Often people are swamped by the multitude of choices on offer, but luckily we are here to help. This page has been designed specifically to help you with your choices. Here we provide you with a comprehensive list of the best camps, lodges and hotels you can visit when booking with us. We highlight the significant differences in accommodation types and what they can offer. Our interactive menu below also allows you to search through each accommodation option, arranged by name, price, location and rating, at your own leisure.

Best Luxury Safari Lodges

With plenty of options to choose from, selecting your safari accommodation isn't easy. Different lodges can offer different experiences depending on what you are after from your holiday. Some lodges will only have small guest occupancy and offer intimate experiences, whereas other camps will cater for larger groups.

Camps can also be mobile meaning that they are not permanent structures and they will relocate depending on the season and where the animals are most likely to be. Due to the accommodation manoeuvring regularly, these camps are normally made up from a number of luxury tents. These tents however, dispel all traditional myths of what may come to mind if you think of camping. Their furnishings are luxurious and all your needs will be met. Their placement is also extra-close to the action and will certainly make you feel more at one with nature. If you have the opportunity to stay in these mobile camps, do it.

Best Beach Hotels

Just like the safari camps, there are many varying options when it comes to accommodation by the beach. Generally the more you pay, the more intimate and luxurious your accommodation will be, however we have options that can cater for all budgets. The beach hotels we offer can either be the base for a perfect romantic getaway or for an ideal adventure and activity filled holiday. 

Best Safari Lodges

It is very hard to rank Africa lodges with one simple measure! Our ranking is subjective and tries to reflect value for money as well as overall quality. Therefore we may award just three stars to certain 'five star' lodges in the hotel, or five stars to some superb, unashamed 'three star' hotels that are great value for money.
We create fabulous safari itineraries and honeymoons throughout Africa and the islands of the Indian Ocean.  Our knowledge and experience will guarantee you the very best possible itinerary for
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