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Lalibela is noted as the "New Jerusalem"  - a town of internationally renowned rock hewn churches known as the ‘eighth wonders of the world’. Physically raised from the rock in which they stand, these towering edifices seem to be superhuman creations. It really is unbelievable to think how on earth they were built; the mystery of these churches encapsulates the magic which the town emanates to all that are lucky enough to visit.
At the end of the 12th and beginning of the 13th centuries King Lalibela of the Zaghwe dynasty built a series of rock hewn churches in this spot, calling it New Jerusalem. Staying for a few nights in this enchanting and unassuming town, you will get a real sense of the preserved culture which is palpable around every turn. It is hard for those to visit to explain how rich and spellbinding this slice of untouched African history truly is. No Ethiopian adventure is complete without a venture into the past in this humble yet absolutely singular town. 

The rock formations act as natural viewpoints which allow you to scan the town from above and absorb the beautiful Ethiopian surrounding scenery. A town like no other in Africa; Lalibela is an absolute must-see. So for your Ethiopian adventure, this is a very attractive stop off! 


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